Sunday 30 May 2010

Blonde Ambition

I was feeling down today about revision blah blah etc etc.

I knew only one thing could cheer me up...

I love this film so very much, it always puts me in a good mood and makes me laugh!

I remember when I bought it on DVD back in 2001 when it first came out (after seeing it in the cinema), I watched it straight away and then again with director commentary!!! I haven't seen the musical but am quite tempted too AND I've just discovered there is a spin off film called Legally Blondes i.e. Legally Blonde 3 (no Reese though) I'm sure it's probably terrible but I'm still intrigued.

Anyway I just though I'd share this with you because everyone has some sort of cheesy film they like to cheer themselves up with and this is mine.

Night x

Bag Lady

One of my favourite Sunday rituals is too have lunch and watch the latest episode of Frock Me on Channel 4. I love Alexa and Henry they are both stylish, funny and perfect entertainment for Sunday brunch! Unfortunately, today was the last episode of the series so who knows what i'll do for following Sundays...

I am in total Alexa envy, she always looks effortless and chic with her cute little outfits and gorgeous accessories. She even had a bag named after her!!!!

I've like her geeky androgynous look, very cool.

That's all from me today, I need to revise so I don't fail this stupid masters x

Saturday 29 May 2010

Big Pants

I've already mentioned a bit about prints this season but I didn't mention the Big Print Trouser trend which I am currently LOVING! As we all know summer is most definitely the time for prints and these hippie-esque and tribal style prints just notch up the fun factor!

Dries Van Noten went mad for prints in their SS/10 collection and no expense was spared in the trouser department

I HAD to include some Miu Miu because I love that cat print

Sass and Bride have some really cool printed leggings about but I personally prefer the billowing trouser effect seen in Marc by Marc Jacobs SS/10

I freckin' love this Sass and Bride tee (might have to save up the 120 quid and buy it)!!

Check out the Bow!!

My printed trousers are no where near as decadent as these beauties but I love them nonetheless

Trousers from H! by Henry Holland
Tee from H&M
Pumps from Topshop

They are covered in little lovely flowers and are very light wearing so perfect for the summer.

I also have a massive ASOS leather hair clasp in...

More prints to come soon I imagine x

Friday 28 May 2010

All Dressed Up

Today you get two outfits, one for the day time and one for my cinema trip... pathetic I know but us girls wanted to dress up for Carrie! Also my Topshop pumps arrived today which is super exciting because they are INCREDIBLE!

This is what I wore earlier in the day

Scallop crop top from ASOS
Trousers and pumps from Topshop

Truth be told, I didn't wear these pumps to my exam this morning (I wore the ones in the background - grey with pink hearts from Topshop) but when I go back these were waiting for me and I had to try them on! I suspect they will go with everything... who doesn't love a pink lipstick clad face?!

They are basically my alternative to the toe shoes by Comme des Garcons. Yes I know mine have a face and not toes, but whatever OK....

So I decided I wanted to wear a Carrie-esque outfit for the film. I had a few options...

The first outfit I had in mind consisted of a green satin finish high waisted Whistles skirt but I couldn't find an appropriate top. The second item was a black tutu with several layers but I wanted something more colourful. So I finally went with an electric blue silk dress and big pink flower brooch with an all important glittery head piece (complete with bow)! I know bows are more Charlotte's thing but you know me and bows.....

I don't own any stilettos, especially Manolos so I'm wearing my deadly suede wedges and to top it all off I have my very own Eiffel Tower clutch :-)

Dress, clutch and wedges from Topshop
Flower from a random shop in Derby
Bow hair band from River Island

Here is a close up of the bag and bow

Anyway, I'm sure you're all getting sick of my SATC2 posts so this will be the last one, I promise... until they bring out SATC3!!!

I hope the film and cosmos are worth the time I've spent on this outfit x

Wednesday 26 May 2010


I didn't get off to a good start today... I was avoiding revision (as usual) by painting my nails, however I knocked over the little pot and blue iridescent colour spilt everywhere. It went all over my trousers making them gleam in the light, my carpet which isn't great regarding my deposit and my woolly duck sock :-(

Blue nail varnish by Eyeko

Needless to say I was pretty annoyed by my animal like clumsiness, making today's choice of outfit all the more appropriate...

Tribal is a trend I've seen come and go for many a season, once again full of clashing prints, animal madness and the all important bling. However, today I'm concentrating on the all important leopard print and all the nail varnish spilling it brings with it!!

Giambattista Valli's SS10 collection showcased a great deal of the delightful animal print in the form of dresses, play suits and accessories.

Paul Smith even opted for leopard print shorts and we all know how much I LOVE shorts

At the moment there are tons of wonderful big cat pieces about, I particularly love these Sass and Bride leggings and Chole coat.

But being a lowly student I have to stick to the high street so I've opted for this tee and chinos that kinda look like hunter trousers.

Leopard tee and chinos from H&M
Loafers from Topshop

FYI these loafers are the most uncomfortable shoes ever! First time I wore them out shopping I had to buy a new pair of shoes my feet were in so much pain... As I sit here and type I have my big fat woolly duck socks on with the loafers to try stretch them out (fingers crossed it works)!!

My bow today consists of a lovely little brooch I found years ago in River Island...

Very cute and girly I think.

Not a leopard, but I always loved how Jasmine from Aladdin had a pet tiger x

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Clash of the Prints

Blumin' heck it's hot out! Perfect occasion for my H! by Henry Holland floral shorts and all the clashing of prints they can inspire!

Clashing is always popular come summer, I think it's down to all those colours, flowers, spots, stripes and otherwise crazy concoctions people are too depressed to wear during the colder months! I mean, floral shorts and stripes would seem ludicrous during December, Christmas jumpers excluded!

One of my favourite looks is Proenza Schouler SS/10

This reminds me of a grown up skater and the way we (by which I mean myself) dressed when we were 13 and into the whole grunge phase (in a lot less stylish manner). The prints shouldn't go together but they do in a mirage of summer fun but still with a hint of properness from the trailered shape. When I was younger it was all about colour and randomness i.e. I'll wear whatever the heck I want to and I don't care if I look stupid but now clashing is a much more sophisticated attitude whilst still allowing a carefree element.

Back to my shorts...

Shorts from H! by Henry Holland
Lace tee from Topshop
Sunglasses from H&M

Shorts this short are normally saved for holidays but London was so hot how could I possibly not wear them. Besides I hear temperatures are cooling so it'll be back to the not-so-bare-legs front for a while I imagine.

The conclusion of today's post is that I like to clash, nothing to risky yet but who knows what the summer will bring print wise x

Sunday 23 May 2010

Easy Sunday

Just a quick one this eve as I'm a busy bee. Trying to channel Chanel with the brocade cardigan and fairy-tale skirt, don't think Karl would approve of the moustache tee though....

Topshop tee and skirt
River Island cardigan
Cath Kidston pumps

I have a cute pink hair slide in too x

Saturday 22 May 2010

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday was glorious but my first though was WHAT DO I WEAR? I slogged about in denim shorts and a khaki tee for the best part of the day but when my friends decided to have a BBQ I reassessed my outfit choice, which to be honest was pretty bad and opted for this big bow dress that I don't often wear (not sure why cos I love it)!!

Random dress (I cut the label out long ago cos it scratched my neck)
ASOS heels

It has a big sloppy bow at the front (perfect for my obsession) and has the casual/party vibe going on! Teamed with my new heels I was ready for sunshine action, despite my pasty legs...

The BBQ was good fun, lots of food and booze but today I'm not feeling so great and the amazing sunshine isn't helping much :-(

Might have a pyjama day x

Thursday 20 May 2010


Today the 1 billionth collection for Kate Moss at Topshop was launched, OK it's actually her 12th collection but you know where I'm coming from.....

I do like Kate Moss and all but part of me begrudingly feels like her clothes are just an excuse to charge more money for what is an already ever price increasing high street store. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Topshop but I feel that every year the prices soar and more and more items cost £100 plus. I have a few items from the original Moss collection but I hasten to add that they were purchased in the sale EXCEPT for this amazing heart button cardigan that my Mother proceeded to wash and shrink :-( it is now so small that I am keeping it for my future babies....

How much input does she actually have into these clothes anyway? To be fair she probably knows more about designing than I or your other average clothes wearing individual but I'm convinced she isn't more than just a label! I suppose the clothes do sum up her style rather effortlessly but considering her outfits are always one the subdued side but granted put together well why on earth are they charging so darn much!

The emphasis behind this collection seems to be sexy summer which is all well and good. If I had to choose some pieces I like they would include this cutesy cape, sexy kimono and embellished dress as well as the silk PJs

Unless any of these ever go into a sale I shall be keeping my money for other purchases including this Halston Heritage look-a-like dress I've spotted on ASOS for a fraction of the price.

Today I tried to sum up summer in my outfit by donning my new lace top and floral culottes. I love the fabric of these shorts, they are so comfy and ideal for running around town in HOWEVER, the lack a certain essential when it comes to my clothing... pockets! I adore pockets and an outfit doesn't feel complete without them, whether they be in a jacket or bottoms, I don't mind as long as they are present!!

River Island culottes
Topshop lace top and frilly socks
New Look jacket
Office brouges
Primark pearl and bow necklace

I watched the SATC2 trailer (again) today and nearly had a heart attack I'm so excited x

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wish List fo Summer

Just a quick note of things I'm lusting after at the moment...

The Halston Heritage dress SJP is wearing in SATC2

This pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs bow infused summer dress

The perfect chunky black heel from Miu Miu and a cat print clog

Cat eye sunglasses from Alexander Wang to match the clogs

A red Urban Outfitters satchel (cos I can never have enough satchels)

and a pair of Zara high waisted trousers.

This is of course along with my all time favourites loves you can see on the right hand side of my blog. Including a Chanel 2.55, Mulberry Alexa, Alexander Wang studded bag, Loubountin heels and a Burberry trench.......

Today I am being boring and wearing a little red bow hair band x

Tuesday 18 May 2010


I LOVE Gossip Girl, this is no secret, I am completely obsessed by the show and not afraid to admit it! Sadly, season 3 is over and I'm not sure how I'll cope before the next series starts (thanks goodness for satc2 in 2 weeks time)!!!

Apart from Chuck *drool* Blair Waldorf is probably one of my all time favourite TV characters. I love her humour, her style, her elaborate schemes, the way she looks down on everyone and the way she has inflicted fear upon the masses to never be crossed!! But more to the point she is a bow-spiration. Not sure what I'm talking about, well in series 1 and 2 of the show Blair was Queen Bee at school and would wear a hair band bow as a modern day crown.

Her bows always varied in size and shape and of course matched her outfit impeccably, what a true bow-spiration!

There are a few big bow bands around this season including this lovely leather gem from Miu Miu, however £100 on a hair accessory seems like an awful lots to me.

So here's a pic of me with my Blair style hairband that I was given by my friend A.

Topshop hairband
River Island bow tee

I'm back in Guildford now, which means I have access to my full wardrobe *grins* plus a new pair of ASOS shoes! I've also got on Vamp lipstick from the new Topshop make up range. It's much darker than colours I normally wear but I thought I'd give it a go and I really like the burgundy tone so thumbs up from me.

Time to revise but I'll leave you with a picture of the gorgeous, always brooding Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass......

Monday 17 May 2010


Leather shorts, what are they all about?!

I am a fan of the leather jacket, the dress (as long as it's not skin tight) and the trousers (if they style is right) but I am completely confused by leather shorts! They are everywhere this season and I just can't make my mind up, probably because my pasty English skin would just look cruel again them but maybe if I found the right ensemble I'd change my mind...

I am totally LOVING this punk rock ballerina look

The shoes are totally fierce and the ruffles on the top are incredible! Leather shorts not looking too bad either. This is another picture from the shot, no leather shorts but still a stunning look!

The dusty pink and leather look so good next to each other, maybe something to recreate? We shall see!

Other looks using the shorts from SS 2010 include utility from Chole

and chic and minimalist from Celine

This gothic look is an old 3.1 Phillip Lim from AW 2009/2010 but I love how the shorts look against the burgundy tights and prim jacket

So my opinion may have slightly changed but I think I need to try on some stuff first and see how it panes out. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow these £530 Helmut Lang beauties

But I have got my eyes on a pair from H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams and at only £25 what a bargain!!

Today I actually wore faux leather leggings I picked up from a closing down sale in Derby, teamed with my cream blazer that I'm wearing far too much this weekend (I'm at home with limited clothing)!!!

Random leather leggings
Republic cream blazer
Whistle long tee

And not forgetting my daily bow, in the form of a necklace from a shop I can't remember :-(

The jury is still out about leather shorts but if there are any developments I'll let you know x