Saturday 27 November 2010

Nearly Back

Hi guys, this is just a quickie because the internet in Thailand costs a fortune, probably something to do with the fact I'm on an island (Ko Phi Phi) but the England is an island and internet there doesn't cost as much as this but anyway I digress.

I will be home in exactly 13 days which means in 2 weeks times (maybe give a few days for me to recover from jetlag) normal bloggage will resume as normal. I'm really looking forward to getting back to blogging, I've missed writing (despite having a travel blog) and reading all of my favourites and looking at pretty outfits. Also, when I arrive home it'll will be full on winter time (I hear snow has already set) and if I had to choose a favourite season the colder months would definitely be it. I love layering up in coats, jumpers, knits, funny hats and massive scarves so be prepared to see some colourful chunky outfits.

In other news I tried to get my Mum to order me some stuff from the H&M Lanvin collection but the website was so manic and kept crashing she didn't manage to meet my requests =( I don't even want to look on eBay at the stuff because I'm sure it's crazy expensive.

The shopping out here in SE Asis is fantastic but not as cheap as I suspected. I think with the emergence of Primark, cheap shopping abroad isn't really what it used to be but just incase you are over in this part of the world here are some fab marketsto check out:

Kalwoon (Hong Kong) - Ladies Market
Luang Prabang (Laos) - Night Bazar
Chaing Mai (Thailand) - Sunday Market
Bangkok (Thailand) - Kaoh San Road

On that note I must dash. I've been doing loads of scuba diving on the islands and I've got a night dive in 10minutes, my fourth dive today and I'm knackard!!! My aim is to get 30+ dives and at the minute I'm on 22 with 5 more days of diving to go (not in a row may I add).

Thanks for sticking with me through my lack of attendance and I promise when I'm back, blogging will be in full swing; I can't wait =)

It's so hot here I'm looking forward to the cold x