Sunday 26 September 2010

Off and away

OMgosh, tomorrow I am off on my travels for 2 and a half months and I feel totally unprepared. I wanted to do a longer and more detailed post about what I am doing but I really don't have the time.

I am going to Beijing for a few days on my own where I will then travel to Hong Kong to stay with my friend C from college. After this I will be meeting C and D in Hanoi, Vietnam. We will be travelling the rest of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali until I return home on December 10th.

I'm going to take my camera lead with me and try upload some photos of local style and my findings as I go along but in all honesty posting will be extremely infrequent. I do have a 'proper' travel blog where I will be doing some writing about what I've been up to from a tourist point of view. I started this blog when I was inter railing around Europe last summer so it seems appropriate to carry it on.

I am so excited about this whole adventure but am also a little bit scared that I am not fully prepared and will get lost when I'm on my own in Beijing. I'm away for my birthday so I'm looking forward to celebrating it in a brand new way =)

Tonight we all went out for dinner as an early birthday treat, The Boy even came down from Leeds and will take me to the airport tomorrow which is wonderful, he's fantastic =) I'll miss him and my family so much whilst I'm gone. We went to the Oxo Tower and had a wonderfully delicious meal.

Spotty dress from Topshop

The boat party last night was a complete success too.

I must dash, lots to sort out still and it's getting pretty late! Hope you all have a fantastic couple of months whilst I'm away! I'm really going to miss my daily blog instalment but I'll have a massive catch up on my return =)

Wish me luck to not get lost x

Friday 24 September 2010

Rock city

A while ago I won a blog competition thanks to Sarah. My prize was a £60 shoe voucher for the online shoe boutique Sarenza. It took me ages to decide what I wanted but last week I finally chose a pair and they arrived quick snap in the post. I wanted a shoe that was going to be practical yet cool i.e. something flat and on trend for winter. I love brogues but already own a few pairs so decided to go with a boot shape instead. The shoes I chose are quite edgy so I dressed accordingly.

Tee from Ashish @ Topshop
Leather Jacket from Primark
Skirt from Topshop
Leggings from ASOS
Boots from Sarenza

The shoes have a small heel but are still mega comfy so all-in-all I am thrilled with my choice and FYI Sarenza are really good on the customer service front plus delivery is free and very speedy!

Most of this outfit is brand new (naughty) except the skirt. I picked this faux leather jacket up in Primark when I was visiting The Boy in Leeds this week. I've been looking for the perfect black leather jacket for ages and this one pretty much ticks all my boxes. I think it looks decent enough and not too cheap so top marks on that one Primark. The leggings are part of my leopard print AW10 obsession. I am loving leopard print at the minute and these leggings are a dream. I've asked for a faux fur leopard print coat for Christmas and a cardigan I've seen in Topshop. The tee is from the new Ashish range at Topshop and I love it. Bisous bisous is French for xoxo which is a total Gossip Girl phrase. After watching the first 2 episodes of the new series and bisous bisous being quoted at the end of each ep I knew I had to have this tee. The black lettering is in velvet and the fit is fab, I LOVE it!!!!

The whole rock chic vibe isn't something I normally channel when I'm getting dressed but today was an exception and I rather like it. When I was a teen I was really into the whole band tees, baggy jeans and trainers but these days it's a much more sophisticated affair.

Any who I'm off to a boat party tonight to celebrate my birthday. I don't actually turn 24 till next month but because I'm away travelling I decided to have an early party with my friends before I go. The theme is nautical and at the minute my Mum is painting a stripey tshirt for me!!!!

I promise to do a travelling post tomorrow night before I head off on Sunday. I am really excited but still have lots to sort out.

Have a great weekend x

Monday 20 September 2010

Elbows, knees and toes

I love elbow patches no doubt about it. There is something so de mode yet quirky about them I can not resist!! I've had a grey cardigan with elbow patches in my wardrobe for what seems like years, I refer to it as my Howard Moon jacket (Mighty Boosh reference) and love it to bits. However, a couple of weeks ago I spotted this beauty in H&M and could not resist.

Jumper from H&M
Stripe dress from French Connection
Duffle Jacket from Miss Selfridge
Boots from Topshop

This jumper is fab, it's on the large side so can be easily thrown over loads of different items of clothing and the elbow patches definitely make it more interesting. Now that the temperature is dropping I'm digging out a lot of my old coats including this duffle from last year. I like to have lots of different coats in colours and styles a plenty, they can really add something to an outfit is styled in the right way.

Look at Mooey relaxing in the background, isn't she a beauty? She really is getting used to her new home and even though she doesn't quite love me as much as I love her yet she is lots of fun to have around. Even though she does eat all our garden vegetables.

This dress is another item I've discovered can be layered over very easily. It's a bit on the tight side so with a jumper thrown over the top is makes a perfect skirt especially since it's covered in stripes and we all know how much I love a good stripe.

Today I've been busy sorting stuff out for travelling, I can't believe I leave in under a week, I am so excited about this mini adventure. I'll do a post this week on where I'm going and what's going on. Since I've transferred all my saved money into my normal bank account ready for the trip I am so tempted to go shopping but I mustn't otherwise I'll be broke in Asia =(

Must dash, heaps to do x

Sunday 19 September 2010

When dreams come true

The other day I mentioned how I'd got something really exciting for my wardrobe, have you guessed what it is yet? Well to say WELL DONE for doing such a good job on my masters, my Mum bought me a VINTAGE BURBERRY TRENCH COAT from our local second hand designer store. I have ALWAYS wanted a Burberry trench for as long as I can remember, not only are they completely chic but one of the few items that will last forever and never go out of fashion. Along with a Chanel 2.55 and a pair of Louboutins (still waiting for these to grace my wardrobe) a Burberry trench is a key item in any fashionista's wardrobe and I am completely thrilled I finally own one =) I'm not 100% sure what year mine is from but I think it might be around the 80s, it is super long so will keep me super warm in the winter months and of course the beige colour will go with absolutely anything.

I decided that the first time I wore the trench it would have to be paired with an equally chic outfit and what doesn't say chic more than Breton stripes and high waisted trousers.

Burberry Trench
Stripe top from H&M
High waisted harems and
purple ankle boots from Topshop

I love this coat so bloody much and before you ask it was a fraction of the cost of a new one! I think I'll be wearing it an awful lot this winter... and for the rest of my life I imagine.

Do you guys have anything classic items of clothing you know will never grow old like designer hand bags or coats? Or do you prefer to buy into new trend every season? I like to do both in all honesty, new clothes every season is a lot of fun but it's also nice to have stuff that will last a life time and even be passed on to your kids...

1 week until I go travelling, exciting x

Thursday 16 September 2010

Love layers

I've been really tardy when its come to blogging recently and I think I've hit the nail on the head when it comes to why! I started blogging as an escape from the pressures of uni work and all the stress surrounding it. For an hour or so every evening I could relax, write something unrelated to science and basically share my interests with the world. Since I've finished my masters I haven't really been stressed and therefore not needed an escape. However, I continue to love blogging and promise I will be better. Once I get back into a routine I'm sure I'll be much more eager to write and share my thoughts and outfits with you all. Since moving home I've been spending a lot of time catching up with friends in the local pub so my usual routine of evening blogging has gone down the pan. Maybe I can overcome this by scheduling posts or not going out as much!! Haha, never!!!

This is a bit of an old outfit as I'm too lazy to find my camera cable in my pig sty of a room. The blue silk dress is definitely a fail safe item of clothing for me. It can be dressed up in the evening and worn more casually during the day. This particular outfit was worn on a trip to our local Mac shop where my Dad bought an iMac for the house and an iPod touch for meeee =)

Dress from Topshop
Cardigan and wedges from H&M
Jacket is vintage from eBay

I love these wedges, they are extremely comfortable and whilst I'm not a usual fan of white shoes these are very versatile! I've started layering over dresses I would normally wear on their own and I'm rather enjoying it, feels like I have new skirts and with winter fast approaching the layers keep me warm which is always a bonus. The dress and jacket also have BIG pockets which is a favourite of mine too =)

Just realised how wonky that first picture is! My little sister H took it late one evening before I we went to bed hence the slant. My Mum bought me something VERY exciting for doing so well in my masters and I can't wait to share it with you soon.....

Do you guys ever feel like layering over dresses you normally would save for a night out or do you prefer to let the dress do all the talking?

Also, for those who asked I straightened my hair in the last post which is why it looks different. I don't normally style it much (I can't be bothered in all honesty) but I do love it when it's straight because it feels so much longer. However, deep down I'm a curly gal and think it suits my personality better =)

Job interview tomorrow, yikes x

Monday 13 September 2010

A weekend of celebrations

Apologies for my absence this last week, I've been super busy with finishing my masters, celebrating, watching Dexter and my cousin's 21st birthday party!

On Friday, I officially finished my MSc in Toxicology and I'm happy to say I got a merit overall and even better news with a distinction in my dissertation =) Friday night was of course spent celebrating, so much in fact I didn't really take any photos. After little sleep I moved out of Guildford and then spent Saturday eve celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday with an excellent party to boot at my auntie and uncle's house.

Dress and flower from a random shop in Derby
Tights from River Island
Platforms from Office

I bought these shoes last week, I'd spotted them on the website ages ago but didn't want to spend £60, however to my surprise they were reduced to £25 in the sale, yippie for me!!! I love all the different colours in this outfit, pinks and purples are my favourite and even though I have 3 different shades going on I think they all work together because of the black dress. The dress code for the party was black tie and I was probably the most colourful looking!

My cousin B went to Newcastle uni so the crowd at the party were pretty mental to say the least. The night started with lovely dinner of Indian food and copious amounts of beer and wine. By 10pm every guy in the place was topless. I can't complain though because they were a pretty buff lot. By 11pm nearly every guy was NAKED in the swimming pool, I have never seen so many naked bodies in one place before...... Even though I didn't know a single person at the party (except my family) it was a pretty fun (sleepless) night!

My table at the party who started the drinking games i.e. downing wine and beer from the flower vase!!

My sisters, little H and S

All the girl cousins, little H, cousin little H, moi, cousin H and S

Just realised I don't have a photo of myself and the birthday boy which is a shame because he had a snazzy bow tie on. Most people were in black and white so I really stood out with my massive flower especially by the end of the night when most people were naked and I was fully clothed. I have far too much dignity to go half naked swimming in a pool full of drunken naked people.

Off to meet some friends for Chinese food now x

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Rainbow Nails

Everyone has been talking about nail varnish recently and whilst I don't normally paint my nail that much (the chipping annoys me) I thought I'd jazz them up for a change.

I painted them a few days ago in an attempt to avoiding doing some revision for my final viva voce on Friday. I couldn't decide on which colour so thought I'd go with a range =)

Please excuse the awful chipping and my shoddy fingers!! My thumb looks black but it's actually dark purple in reality. Most nails required 3 coats to make the colour really opaque but it's quite soothing the painting process so I don't mind too much.

The yellow is from Barry M
The blue, pink and orange is 17 (must have been 3 for the price of 2)
The purple is from Miss Sporty

I think I might paint my nails more often because it really does spruce up a look and adds a bit of fun colour.

Do you guys paint your nails much and if so what colours do you go with? Next time I think I'll do different colours rather than sticking to the same thing all the time.

I am currently obsessed with Dexter, oops x

Sunday 5 September 2010

Meet Mooey

If you been following me on twitter (and if not why not) than you will be full aware I adopted my cousin's rabbit Mooey on Thursday. Mooey has been a darling member to my aunti, uncle and cousins for the last 5 years but since everyone has moved away to uni etc she has been rather neglected and lacking essential hugging time. My parents never allowed us to have pets when we were younger, mainly to do with the fact we would go to our house in Ireland for most holidays so it would be difficult getting animal care. However, since we've grown older and I don't go over to Ireland as much due to jobs and uni etc they totally agreed to us looking after Mooey.

So here is the gorgeous little lady...

Dress from River Island

Apologies if you're aren't really a pet person but I love this little bunny so much so I had to include lots of photos for you all to see. My little sister H is making me include the fact that Mooey bit her so that you all know she isn't as cute as she seems! She hasn't bit me yet but she does runaway lots so I think she doesn't like me much anyway. Fortunately our garden is very secure so we can let her hop about all day but at night we have to put her in her little house so the foxes can't get her!!!! She even hops inside the house too =)

Lace top from Topshop

She spends a lot of her time in the herb bush so she smells of mint which is strange but nice. Do you guys have any pets and do they do anything strange or hid in weird places?

I officially finish my masters on Friday, woop x

Friday 3 September 2010

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I already mentioned that on the journey home from Leeds last weekend we stopped off in Wakefield to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We had noticed the signpost on the way too Leeds on Friday so thought it would be a nice idea to visit on the way home on Sunday.

The park is set in 500 acres of 18th Century parkland where sheep roam free amongst an abundance of sculptures, which are scattered all over the site. Seeing as we arrived at 3pm we didn't have time to explore the whole site but what we did see was beautiful. We paid particular attention to the David Nash exhibition where his work was exhibited in several galleries and across the park.

David Nash is a British artist who has the ability to transform the shape of nature and control its growth. By this I mean that over the past 40 years he has been slicing into trees, cutting out sections and making holes in branches so that they grow in a contorted manner and their branches twist in and out of each other. Through the exhibition of sketches, videos and wooden sculptures you can see how David Nash has made his imagination has been transformed from little drawings into real life works of art. Through his ability to manipulate the growth of tress he has created dooms in the forest that look almost ritualistic yet strangely beautiful and enchanting. He has created sculptures from burnt wood and made charcoal drawings so that the objects appear to have jumped out from the walls. Eucalyptus wood has been crafted into the most beautiful shapes in such a fashion that every groove and score Nash makes can be seen, whilst still making the piece appear effortless yet magnificent.

I particularly loved the videos and sketches showcasing his work since the 1970s so that the progression of his wooden doom can be seen.

As tress first started as small upright poles they grew more contorted and twisted as the years progressed and Nash cut into them. Now the trees are fully conjoined creating a magnificent looking doom which in the winter looks eerie and dead compared to it's full of green life in the summer making it perfect for child's play.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the galleries where a lot of his sculptures were displayed however I did buy a nice little book showcasing a lot of his work.

Another area of his work I loved included the pyramids, spheres and cubes.

These were sculptures of the same three burnt shapes with complimentary paintings making them appear to have been created from the painting itself. The book I bought contains many of these sculptures Nash has created from all over the world, all made in wood and all representing the same thing...

Pyramids rise, Spheres turn and Cubes stand still... The sense of the Cube is solid unmoving representing Matter. The sense of the Sphere is one of movement turning representing Time. The sense of the Pyramid is rising expanding representing Time... David Nash 2005

I'm not really that 'arty' but even I can understand this poem!!!

So, I'm sure you'd like to see some photos now. I have some from the David Nash expo and some from other random sculptures scattered over the site but I stupidly didn't write down any details so I'm not sure who made them

Black Step by David Nash

This reminds me of a group of people carol singing OR pencil tops by David Nash

Glass house full of herbs and plants but they all look the same when they first start growing

A big old sphere and some beautiful views of Yorkshire by David Nash

Sculptures and sheep live in peace

Walking amongst the sheep and their poo!!!

As I sad before there is so much to see and its recommended that you take at least 3-4 hours to see EVERYTHING! I loved all the art inside, which we couldn't snap but the sculptures outside are equally as stunning and look great against the beautiful English country side backdrop. This is a place I definitely recommend you visit if you are ever in the Leeds area, especially if it's a nice day and you can take a picnic along to eat in the gardens. It's fun walking amongst the sheep and nowhere nearly as scary as I though it would be (I had images in my head of being chased...) plus IT'S FREE ENTRY which is mental considering how much there is too see!!!

All in all a fantastic day trip even if we did only get to spend 2 hours wondering around, getting lost and nearly dying as we walked up a massive hill.......

In other exciting news, yesterday I picked up Mooey the bunny from my cousin's house where she is now happily living in our garden and is completely adorable. Pictures to come soon but check out my twitter for some quick snaps.

Have a good weekend everyone x