Sunday 31 March 2013

#100London - March Update

March has been a bit of a rubbish month for me in terms of museum visiting as I've been away on holiday for half of it (I'm back from Norway tomorrow FYI). However I did make it to a couple of new places at the beginning of the month.

After intending to visit for years I finally made it to the Horniman Museum in south east London. This place is full of fantastic natural history and I'm so glad I finally managed to visit plus the gardens are so beautiful and come summer they will be lovely to walk around. On the same day I popped into the Clink Prison Museum on my way from London Bridge to the Tate Modern. I'd never heard of this place but I happened to stumble across the entrance so thought I'd pop in. At £7 entry I think this place is a little over priced, the clink prison dates back to 1114 and whilst there are tones of interesting facts in the museum about this place and what happened in the prison days there isn't really anything to look at in terms of artefacts. However, it was interesting to read all about the torture devices (morbid much?) and the different prisoners.

I went back to the Tate Modern to check out A Bigger Splash and Lichtenstein A Retrospective. Both excellent exhibitions and definitely worth checking out. I actually want to go back for Lichtenstein as I didn't have time to look around properly. I can't believe how often I've been to the Tate Modern this year, I think this must be my third visit and it's only March. I am definitely making the most out of my membership.

So those 2 news places bring my count to 14 which is a little disappointing as I was hoping to be on 30 by the end of March but I know I can catch up with myself come the summer months.

Where have you been this months x

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Friday 29 March 2013

Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity Foaming Face Wash

 photo IMG_1180_zps546cd401.jpg

This is a recent addition to my cleanser collection and it's definitely one of the best drug store brand cleanser I have used to date. I would describe this as a deep cleansing cleanser as it leave my skin squeaky clean, it's fresh and perfect for morning use. There are tiny little pink beads which are meant to be exfoliating, I don't personally think these do anything in the way of scrubbing but the cleanser itself works wonders for freshening up your face. I'm a big fan of Soap and Glory and have really been enjoying trying out a lot of their products recently. This foams really nicely with my clarisonic and it's definitely a product I would consider repurchasing.

What cleanser are you using x

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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Origins Modern Friction

 photo IMG_1179_zpsfef2f0aa.jpg

I wouldn't personally describe this as a gentle exfoliation as the rice starch is pretty harsh and this bad boys stings your eyes like nobodies business but despite that it is a holy grail product for me. This exfoliator deeply cleanses my skin making it feel baby soft and fresh. It's a thick paste and I love how you can actually feel it removing dead skin cells unlike other polishes which are so gentle you don't feel any sort of scrub. I have sensitive skin and even though this is a harsh product it doesn't really irritate my face but what ever you do, DO NOT get this in or near your eyes as it stings badly! It's a pricey product but it's really worth every penny, because it works so well I only use it once a week which means it lasts a really long time.

What scrub do you use x

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Monday 25 March 2013

Provoke Touch of Silver

 photo IMG_1178_zps203aa414.jpg

Having blonde hair is a right old pain, so much maintenance is involved to keep the blonde looking more white and less yellow which is why I am forever testing purple shampoo to see which brand eliminates brassiness the best. The Touch of Silver range from ProVoke seems to be doing the job pretty well at the moment and the best thing about these products are the price, they are cheap!

I only wash my hair twice a week which means I can get away with using a purple toning shampoo every time I wash it. I've been using the twice a week brightening shampoo constantly for the past couple of months and I can really see the difference. Normally I have to use a proper toning treatment about once a month to eliminate brassiness but since using this shampoo I haven't had too as it works well enough on it's own. Purple shampoos have a reputation for drying your hair which is something I have noticed in the past but it's not something I've noticed to much with this one, however that could be down to the lashing of conditioner and hair masks I've been using recently.

I don't use the daily maintenance shampoo that often but if I'm after a more foamy hair wash I add a little to the treatment shampoo and the mixtures foams up nicely. The maintenance shampoo isn't very purple in tone so I don't think it would really work that well to eliminate brassiness in bleach blondes so perhaps it's more suitable for darker blondes or if you wash your hair nearly every day.

The conditioner is OK, I find that bleach blonde hair is normally mega dry and brittle and I don't think this is heavy duty enough to really give my hair the TLC it needs. It don't think I'll be buying it again as there are other conditioners I love to use instead.

How do you keep your blonde hair white and not brassy x

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Saturday 23 March 2013

Anatomicals & ASOS The Non Sinful Skinful

 photo IMG_1175_zpsf1086880.jpg

I'm just going to say this, I do not like either of these products. I bought these on a whim from ASOS a while ago because I love Anatomicas and the fact these are rose scented really appealed. However I find the body lotion to smell too sweet and the polish to be ineffective, gloopy in consistency and an all around disappointing product. The lotion works well on the moisturising front and does leave my skin feeling soft, however the smell is so sickly I can barely stand to put it on my body and I normally love rose products. The polish on the other hand is a different story, whilst the smell is a little more bearable the consistency of this product is appalling and every time I go to use it I have to mix the entire solution up as the polishing beads sinks to the bottom of the tub rendering this product useless. Even though these were cheap they still weren't worth the couple of quid price tag which I am very disappointed by. I normally love Anatomical products but I will not be purchasing these again.

What have you been disappointed with recently x

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Thursday 21 March 2013

Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water

 photo IMG_1165_zpsa1d537aa.jpg
Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water

Packed full of hyaluronic acid this toner is the perfect remedy for dehydrated skin. I've been using this solution for over a year now and no word of a lie it was my favourite product of 2012. This gloopy water type liquid is used as a toner after cleaning and before moisturising, I pour a couple drops onto my skin and pat it onto my face. It instantly soothes that tight feeling I get after cleansing and has been doing wonders to keep my skin feel soft and fresh. It comes in a few different variations but the rose is by far my favourite. If I could only have one skincare product in my life it would be this without a shadow of doubt!

Do you use products with hyaluronic acid x
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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum

 photo IMG_1163_zpsdacd917a.jpg

I'm sure you've read plenty about this serum in the last year, how it's make dehydrated skin stop feeling tight and horrible, well I'm hear to say I whole heartedly agree. This serum is expensive but boy does it leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated and generally 'great' feeling. I have dry to combination skin which is very dehydrated and as soon as I put one pump of this milky liquid over my face after cleaning and toning it makes me feel all ahh and ooh with it's soothing properties and hydrating actions. I've never used a product like it and despite the expensive price tag it really does work wonders, in fact I bought myself a second bottle on my recent trip to Paris which is something I rarely do when it comes to skin care.If your skin is in need of a moisture boost then I really can't recommend this enough, I love it!

Have you tried this serum x

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Monday 18 March 2013


 photo IMG_0252_zps242a6268.jpg

The KTZ collection at fashion week was only a little bit bonkers, right? Those massively oversized caps really had me going, I mean they are so totally huge and in your face but you know what I kind of love them. For a pale girl like me they would be perfect in the sun... I love the loud, brash prints of the coat dresses, they perfect for beating those winter blues. The printed dresses worn over the matching trousers is a look seen in a few different shows so it looks like matching layering is going to be a big hit for AW13, not sure how I feel about this trend but the co-ord seem to be huge at the moment so it only makes sense to move from matching trousers and jacket to matching trousers and dress. Whilst this collection may not be to everyone's taste I did enjoy the comedy accessories and the OTT prints, a fun and ghetto collection this is for sure.

Are you loving the huge caps as well x

 photo IMG_0240_zps0115b062.jpg

 photo IMG_0239_zps6a294fe2.jpg

 photo IMG_0233_zps8d9abdf3.jpg

 photo IMG_0225_zps8fd6de57.jpg

 photo IMG_0221_zpsb538ace2.jpg

 photo IMG_0220_zps189e0866.jpg

 photo IMG_0217_zpsa002a985.jpg

 photo IMG_0204_zps0a5d3af2.jpg

 photo IMG_0193_zps18561b6e.jpg

 photo IMG_0191_zpsdedbd08c.jpg

 photo IMG_0184_zps7152b6b5.jpg

 photo IMG_0181_zpse971dfae.jpg

 photo IMG_0159_zps3f5011ed.jpg

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Friday 15 March 2013

LFW AW13: Bora Aksu

 photo IMG_0119_zps3e9b8543.jpg

 photo IMG_0118_zpsfd23efa6.jpg

Another fashion week and another gorgeous show from the Turkish designer Bora Aksu. What really stood out for me this season were the deep fuchsia and raspberry tones, colours that just scream winter opulence. The deep wine shades and intricate prints looked delicious on the models and there was a really 1920s feel about the collection. I loved the floaty dresses and the cute structured jackets plus is was fun to see delicate face framing head wear. These deep pink and purple shades are colours I love to wear come winter time so I'm looking forward to channelling this collection come AW13.

What do you love about these looks x
 photo IMG_0113_zps818f1a72.jpg

 photo IMG_0112_zps0965f418.jpg

 photo IMG_0111_zps00aafe50.jpg

 photo IMG_0109_zps0b9deb30.jpg

 photo IMG_0107_zps7366b4ad.jpg

 photo IMG_0098_zps8ab44dc9.jpg

 photo IMG_0085_zps2bf52dc6.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zpsce0487b5.jpg

 photo IMG_0080_zpsee7da32f.jpg

 photo IMG_0078_zps8d458742.jpg

 photo IMG_0076_zps6575fab0.jpg

 photo IMG_0058_zpscb1dac00.jpg

 photo IMG_0057_zps31f8d7b1.jpg

 photo IMG_0051_zpsd0fc2f2e.jpg

 photo IMG_0050_zpsaec83965.jpg

 photo IMG_0044_zps888ebe4a.jpg

 photo IMG_0043_zps943edc25.jpg

 photo IMG_0042_zpsa05c3f8f.jpg

 photo IMG_0038_zpscb5f7217.jpg

 photo IMG_0036_zpsc5983205.jpg

 photo IMG_0030_zps09f520c4.jpg

 photo IMG_0027_zps5e21aa82.jpg

 photo IMG_0016_zps84a2ac7a.jpg

 photo IMG_0014_zps681f0a0f.jpg

 photo IMG_0004_zpsa2a32cdf.jpg

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