Friday 16 August 2019

Eight Cafes to Visit in Stockholm

Steve and I recently had a lovely weekend in Stockholm celebrating Midsummer. The trip had been booked for quite some time but it ended up nicely coinciding with our 'one year until we get married' date. Whilst this was a nice coincidence, booking a trip to Sweden during Midsummer, and booking our wedding for the Midsummer weekend were definitely not coincidences. It's a great time of year, a celebration of life and love, and I'm delighted that it'll become all the more special for Steve and myself.

Midsummer to the Swedes is a bit like Christmas to the Brits, everything shuts down for the weekend and locals head out of the city to celebrate with their loved ones. Stockholm is no exception. Most things close on Friday and Saturday with only a small number of places opening on Sunday. Fortunately we knew this in advance and planned accordingly. It did mean that on Thursday and Monday we had a lot to do and by that I mean we had a lot of pastries to eat.

Fika, another Swedish buzz word, involving a cup of coffee (juice in my case) and a little something to eat, all whilst in great company, is something I wish we took more time for at home. Stockholm has so many great Fika locations and Steve and I had a great tine discovering a handful of them.