Saturday 30 June 2012

Summer Prints


From L to R - Liberty Rose Print Barbour waxed jacket, gingerbread man dress from ASOS, swan print trousers from Topshop, elephant print shirt from ASOS, swan print shirt from ASOS, yellow and black spot shirt from Monki, bunny print skirt from Topshop, stripy dress from New Look, floral print shirt from New Look, penguin print shirt from ASOS, swan print dress from Topshop, skeleton top from Topshop

Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm a rubbish blogger. Think I've felt a bit uninspired recently hence my lack of appearance but I've been wanting to get back into blogging again so here I go. Also, I realised I haven't blogged for the entire month of June and with it being the last day and all I thought it was time to bring the hiatus to an end. Let's start this revival of easy though, above are some of the new clothes I've bought recently and be recent I mean over the last 3 or so months. I love prints whether it's animal print, spots, floral, stripes or just anything abstract and summer is a great time to wear them. I love wearing colour and mixing prints together so this (washing) rail of crazy looking patterns really does fill me with joy. The newest addition is the Liberty x Barbour waxed jacket at the end. I've wanted a waxed Barbour forever (I already have a navy quilted one - they're MUCH cheaper) but the price has always put me off so when I saw this beauty in the ASOS sale with nearly £100 off I knew it was a now of never opportunity. At £131 it's one of the more pricey items in my wardrobe but I simple adore it. I'm still after a navy waxed Barbour with a hood and checked interior but that'll have to wait until another sale. Believe or not I can be quite quintessentially British at time...

My love of animal print knows no limits, with a penguin, elephant and swan shirt plus bunny skirt and swan dress and trousers my #wardrobezoo is getting a little silly now but I love it nonetheless. When I moved departments at work my old team bought me animal print mugs because they even knew my love! Spots are always a winner in my eyes as are stripes and of course the goth inside me loves some skeletons as well.

Are you getting printy with it this summer x

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