Sunday 4 October 2015


It's no secret that I'm a huge music fan; from attending gigs and festivals, collecting vinyl and charity shop CDs and 'attempting' to stay up-to-date with new releases. But what I don't often talk about is music technology and what I use to make my listening experiences all the more enjoyable. I'm no technology snob, I can't tell you the ins and out of why certain genres of music sound better with certain headphones or how bass levels can be affected so dramatically by a certain speakers but I know what I like and what sounds good for the indie / guitar bands I like to listen to. To me this boils down to the German brand Sennheiser and for the past 5 years I have used their headphones exclusively with great joy.

I was put onto the brand by my DJ friend a long time ago, he told me that if you look at the headphones a DJ is wearing they will be Sennheiser 99% of the time. That was enough to make me try them out for myself and with such a large collection ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive there is something to meet everyone's budget. My favourite set of headphones are the Sennheiser HD 220 Adidas Originals, not only do they look great in a vibrant blue but the sound is impeccable. As soon as I put them on the sound cancelling qualities are dramatic and that's even without the music being turned on. The sound is clear and loud with a great bass, perfect for the indie and rock music I predominately listen to. I've got a few sets of small earphones too but I find the big headphones work best for me in terms of sound and comfort.

Headphones have become somewhat of a fashion accessory over the years and anything from Sennheister always looks chic and on trend without any gimmicks. To me the brand upholds it's quality whilst also managing to look fantastic, and in an era where aesthetics play such a large role this is a key element in ensuring the longevity of a brand.

A few weeks ago I attended a Sennheiser event in conjunction with Currys PC World at Noir W1 where we learnt about the new Momentum 2.0 range. Not only did the headphones look gorgeous with their leather detailing but the built in features including the ability to change the sound quality via the headphones themselves really impressed me. If you're listening to house music it's important to be able to amplify the bass level, however this could obscure the rhythm guitar and lyrics in an indie song therefore if you can change the stereo levels on the go you can really enhance your listening experience.

At the event we talked to Juno Records about the resurgence of vinyl that's been happening over recent years. As you can see from my picture above, Steve and I are already big fans. Our collections consists of records old and new and without a doubt they sounds so much better than CD! For me vinyl has a lot of appeal; the covers themselves are like small squares of art that can be beautifully displayed whilst the record is playing, the sound is more authentic than CD as the grain on the vinyl adds a deeper element, the records themselves are often produced on a small scale making them somewhat collectable, and there is so much joy routing through a dusty box at the back of a charity shop looking for a hidden gem (because there is fewer vinyl around this task is much less tedious than it would be with CDs). My Sennheiser headphones definitely help me appreciate the sweet sounds of my records late at night when I'm trying not to disturb my flatmates.

I'm hugely into branding and it's so interesting to see how different people react to brands in terms of loyalty. Because of this there are certain phones, trainers and baked beans I will only consider buying and this is exactly the same for headphones. Sennheiser have been a favourite of mine for years and they will continue to be so because they have never let me down. It was wonderful to personally meet a brand I regard so highly, so thank you Sennheiser for always producing top notch headphones!

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