Friday 28 December 2012

New Year's Eve Party Dresses

1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8.

I cannot believe how quickly the new year has rolled around, it really didn't feel long ago that I was sitting here planning my trip to New York on new year's day but alas 12 months have passed and it's time to prepare for the final party of 2012.

The last 2 new year's eve have been very uneventful; last year I had a quiet night in with the girls planning our NYC trip as we had a midday flight to catch in the morning and no one wants to be stuck on a 8 hour flight with a hangover. The year before I had come done with a nasty tooth infection and was bed ridden for most of the holiday season to my delight so this time I've got a lot of making up to do.

I've got a ticket to a rock n roll party in Brixton but I need something to wear. I like to dress up so when it comes to new year's eve dresses it's all about the glam so there's never such a thing as too much sparkles whether it's in the form of glitter, spikes, studs or everything in one glorious OTT dress. Boohoo has some really fab party dresses at the minute, I love the stud detail on the above pieces, in particular dress 2 as the style is a bit more different from your usual party frock. I think dress 1 is incredible, it's definitely not appropriate for all parties but if you're looking for something a little more classy or you don't like getting your legs out this one is perfect, plus you're almost definitely not going to see someone else wearing it at the party. I think my favourite dress is number 6 as I love the skater skirt shape and the detailing on the top, teamed with a studded clutch and some chunky heels that's my new year's eve look sorted.

How are you celebrating NYE x

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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Chunky Glasses

1. Balenciaga 2. Alexander McQueen
3. Gucci 4. Bottega Veneta
5. Ray Ban 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs

I like chunky frames, I like them an awful lot and even though I have a lovely new pair of glasses I can't help swooning over other styles. The big nerdy frames have really caught on over the last couple of years, they frame the face making a bold statement and come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours to suit almost everyone. I've been wearing thick frames for years, I started with the smaller rectangular shape and have slowly progressed to a bigger square shape or as I like to call it - my Jarvis Cocker look. I've experimented with colour over the years as well, from black to navy to tortoiseshell and back to black again. This style is fun, quirky and makes wearing glasses a more enjoyable, 'fashionable' experience rather than a necessity I used resent in my younger days. Designers have picked up on the chunky trend too and offer a vast selection of styles. Being the glasses snob that I am I only go for designer styles, yes they're pricey but considering I only get a new pair once every 2 years the cost per wear ratio is very low. Your glasses need to be long wearing, durable and comfortable so I don't mind spending more on a designer pair when I know they'll last. The above list contains some of my current favourites, I love the pair of Ray Ban prescription glasses as they are just like the famous Wayfarer sunglasses, I love these so much I actually have them in tortoiseshell. I also can't stop swooning over the pair of Gucci glasses, the shape is so big and face framing I bet they would look amazing plus the tortoiseshell makes a nice change from a seas of black frames.

If you check out the Smart Buy Glasses website you can find all of these frames plus there's up to 25% off designers glasses and sunglasses at the minute which also includes free delivery. There's even a charitable scheme where a pair of glasses is donated to someone in need for every pair purchased and you can read more about that here, I think that's a lovely idea.

What type of frames do you like x


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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Winter Coats: The Parka



Parka from ASOS
Shirt from Topshop
Skirt from Oasis
Boots from ASOS

Every winter I buy myself a couple of new coats, this means I've built up quite the collection but I think it's important to have different options for different occasions. I've wanted a parka for a long time, one that would keep me warm and dry even during the toughest British winters. I'd been looking around everywhere and with so many choices of style, colour and fur factor it was a tough decision. I eventually went for a green, fleece lined, furry hooded number from ASOS and I've been absolutely thrilled with it. It is so warm and even during the rain I don't feel the damp plus it kept me nice and snug on my recent trip to Iceland where temperatures were below freezing. Now, I know the parka isn't the most fashionable of coats but I love the grunge vibe to it and teamed with my once white Converse and smudged eye make up I don't feel out of place in a grubby rock band.

Do you have a parka x

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Thursday 13 December 2012

Firmoo Glasses






Glasses c/o Firmoo
Jumper from Weekday
Purple hat from River Island
Snood from Topshop
 Spirithood from ASOS

I've always worn glasses, ever since I started school and have had a million different styles and shapes along the way. When Firmoo, an online glasses store, contacted me about trying a pair of glasses from their website I was a little sceptical at first; I've never ordered online because I have a very unusual prescription so I didn't know what to expect. Over the past few years I've gone for big chunky frames, I like that geek chic style and think the large frames suit my face so when I found a pair of extra big square frames on the Firmoo website I knew I had to try them out. When the glasses arrived I was absolutely delighted, the frames were a little big but this was easily adjusted at my local optician and I was able to see perfectly though the lenses, something I had been a little worried. My first experience of buying glasses online was definitely a success and will definitely encourage me to try this again in the future. Firmoo offer plenty of different styles at low prices so there really is something for everyone. A great service they also offer is the ability to try your first pair of glasses for free, all you pay for is postage which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I also thought I'd show of some of my favourite winter accessories as I've been suffering from terrible hat hair today! The purple woolly hat complete with bobble is a recent acquisition which I adore, it keeps my head so warm and the colour is lovely and autumnal. The snood is also new, I love the Christmas style pattern and it does wonders for adding a blast of colour to a dull outfit. My red wolf Spirithood is my favourite accessory of all, not only is it totally cute but it is so warm. I wore it everyday in Iceland a few weekends ago and not only did it keep me seriously warm but nearly every other person who walked past commented on how much they loved it (that happens in this country too), I'm sure a few people were taking the piss but the majority of people over their thought it was amazing!

Have you tried online glasses shopping before x

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