Wednesday 30 September 2015


I first heard good things about Delhi Grill when Steve and his friends went for a Christmas meal last year, his parents live around the corner and the bright blue exterior had always stood out when we walked down Chapel Market. Steve came back with high praise for the restaurant so I knew I have to make a trip myself. To say my meal was great is an understatement, I've been about 4 times this year and without a doubt the restaurant is one of my all time London favourites.

As with most Indian restaurants (and anywhere in general lets be honest) I think it's best to visit in a group as this sort of food is designed for sharing. Order some grilled meat, a few different curries and plenty of bread to sample all the different delights.

The first time I visited the restaurant there were 3 of us so I knew we would be able to order a decent number of plates. That being said when it came to the grilled meat we decided to go with the Delhi Grill for 2 people. This was actually fine, if one of you doesn't mind missing out on a lamb chop which is actually not fine because they are amazing. The sizzling plate contains 2 lamb chops, 4 chicken tikka and 2 sheekh kebabs. The meats were delicious and succulent; the kebabs oozed deep cumin flavours whilst the chicken was punchy in that vibrant tikka spice. The lamb chops were heavenly and the flesh tore away from the bone with the lightest of touches.

The chicken makhani also know as butter chicken was rich and flavoursome. The chicken was cooked perfect and the sauce had the perfect combination of heat and sweetness. This is something I would most definitely order again.

The chicken karahi was definitely the hotter of the two curries, that being said it didn't blow your head off. Rich is flavour and tomatoes this wasn't as sweet as the butter chicken but it was still as tasty. I don't think you need to order both chicken curries as there are similarities in taste, go with one beef dish instead.

When it comes to dhal I have been spoilt, my Indian friend makes the most heavenly black lentil version and all other pale in comparison. This was a nice, mild dahl but maybe a little in the watery side.

The chickpeas, channa, were comforting with a mild spice. Something I could happily eat with freshly made naan on a cold day.

The bhindi aka okra was delicious. The okra was hot, retained it's bite and was utterly moorish. Since returning I have had this dish over and over again.

Perfect cooked pilau rice, we also ordered a ton of fluffy, soft naan but I forgot to take a photo.

Delhi Grill is not only delicious but it is excellent value for money. The food reminds me of the comforting, Indian delights that Dishoom offer but for a fraction of the price. I will continue to frequent here as often as I can because it is without a doubt my favourite Indian restaurant in London.

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Sunday 27 September 2015

RESTURANT REVIEW: Lyle's, Shoreditch

As you can see from the date on the menu it's been a few months since I visited Lyle's for lunch. In that time the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star so if that's not enough incentive to visit then I don't know what is. When I visited way back in June the restaurant had only started doing a Saturday lunch time service which was the very reason for my visit. At night the restaurant has a tasting menu which doesn't phase me in the slightest but I wanted to browse the a la carte so I held out for a lunch time date.

The food was exquisite and I enjoyed every single bite from every single plate. I can't remember all the ins and out because it was a few months ago (I really should start writing notes) but rest assured everything tasted as beautiful as it looked, even the fish head.

The restaurant itself has a converted warehouse feel, the space is large and open with  mixture of exposed bricks and white walls. With the mid-century furniture the whole effect was pretty Scandinavian which pleases me greatly. The dinning room is large, well lit and unfussy which makes the eye catching plates of food really stand out. The whole vibe is spacious, yet comforting and even with a Michelin star under it's belt there is still a wonderful casual element to the entire place.

Cured Dexter Topside and Saddleback Collar

Pea and Ticklemore - this was one of the most beautiful plates of food I've ever seen and it's the sort of thing I'd love to serve as a starter when I get married one day. The edible flowers lie on a plate of peas, herbs and shavings of the hard goat's cheese.

Asparagus, Burford Brown Egg and Buckwheat

Lemon Sole, Whey Butter and Sea Aster - a big fish head looks a little scary and I was in two minds about ordering this but I'm so glad we did because the fish was so meaty and succulent.

Ox Hearts, Onions and Cucumber

Risley, Jersey Royals and Lovage - I loved this dish, when the while cloud / blob arrived at the table I didn't really know what to expect but upon moving the creamy sauce aside the plate becomes a sea of vibrant autumnal colours.

Our meal at Lyle's was beyond wonderful and I cannot wait to visit again. I looked up the menu tonight and it sounds so beautifully autumnal I think I ought to return soon. We didn't have dessert on this occasion because we were completely full having tried quite a large selection of the smaller plates. I'm glad we tackled the menu as a sharing plates venture instead of going for a more typical starter and main course. For me, starters are by far the more interesting dishes in an restaurant so this arrangement worked out well.

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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Quirky Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklaces

I'm not a huge jewellery fan and I often go through phases where I don't really wear any at all, but not at the moment. Right now I am obsessed with pendant necklaces, especially the quirky types. Maybe it's because I work in science, but any item of jewellery with a body part on it I am bound to love.

I love the Vivienne Westwood necklace; the globe is iconic yet simple and extremely eye catching which makes it the perfect quirky pendant. The anatomical heart necklace is one of my favourites, probably because it's a little gory! The kaleidoscope and 'I'll Be There' necklace are from UncommonGoods as well who sell handmade jewellery using recycled materials which appeals to the environmentalist inside me. The kaleidoscope is actually functioning which I love. How great is the safety pin necklace, the fastening is such a simple idea and it reminds me of my teenage years when I wore safety pins as jewellery. From the same company I really like how 'eye catching' the gold plated eye necklace is. The Stella and Dot spear necklace is definitely the most elaborate but I think it would look amazing with a simple top or dress.

I think necklaces like these are a great idea for adding a touch of fun to an otherwise simple outfit, they provide a talking point and because the designs are relatively simple you can wear them with almost anything.

This is a sponsored post.

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