Wednesday 30 September 2015


I first heard good things about Delhi Grill when Steve and his friends went for a Christmas meal last year, his parents live around the corner and the bright blue exterior had always stood out when we walked down Chapel Market. Steve came back with high praise for the restaurant so I knew I have to make a trip myself. To say my meal was great is an understatement, I've been about 4 times this year and without a doubt the restaurant is one of my all time London favourites.

As with most Indian restaurants (and anywhere in general lets be honest) I think it's best to visit in a group as this sort of food is designed for sharing. Order some grilled meat, a few different curries and plenty of bread to sample all the different delights.

The first time I visited the restaurant there were 3 of us so I knew we would be able to order a decent number of plates. That being said when it came to the grilled meat we decided to go with the Delhi Grill for 2 people. This was actually fine, if one of you doesn't mind missing out on a lamb chop which is actually not fine because they are amazing. The sizzling plate contains 2 lamb chops, 4 chicken tikka and 2 sheekh kebabs. The meats were delicious and succulent; the kebabs oozed deep cumin flavours whilst the chicken was punchy in that vibrant tikka spice. The lamb chops were heavenly and the flesh tore away from the bone with the lightest of touches.

The chicken makhani also know as butter chicken was rich and flavoursome. The chicken was cooked perfect and the sauce had the perfect combination of heat and sweetness. This is something I would most definitely order again.

The chicken karahi was definitely the hotter of the two curries, that being said it didn't blow your head off. Rich is flavour and tomatoes this wasn't as sweet as the butter chicken but it was still as tasty. I don't think you need to order both chicken curries as there are similarities in taste, go with one beef dish instead.

When it comes to dhal I have been spoilt, my Indian friend makes the most heavenly black lentil version and all other pale in comparison. This was a nice, mild dahl but maybe a little in the watery side.

The chickpeas, channa, were comforting with a mild spice. Something I could happily eat with freshly made naan on a cold day.

The bhindi aka okra was delicious. The okra was hot, retained it's bite and was utterly moorish. Since returning I have had this dish over and over again.

Perfect cooked pilau rice, we also ordered a ton of fluffy, soft naan but I forgot to take a photo.

Delhi Grill is not only delicious but it is excellent value for money. The food reminds me of the comforting, Indian delights that Dishoom offer but for a fraction of the price. I will continue to frequent here as often as I can because it is without a doubt my favourite Indian restaurant in London.

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