Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: for people who like their initials on stuff

H Stuff

I'm a complete sucker for anything with an H on it, whether it's a make up case, tote bag or t shirt I just can't get enough of my own initials. I'm assuming a lot of people are like that (are you?) so I decided to put together a gift guide of my favourite initial goodies.

Alphabet Bags is one of my favourite websites, I could spend hours drooling over the H goodies hence the reason why so much of this wish list is taken up by their stock. I already have 2 make up bags, coin purse and a tote bag by them but I can't help wanting more. I love the new iPad case, the multiple H print is rather cute plus it matches the make up bag I already have. The black and gold pouches are lovely as well, I can't decide between the two of them so naturally I want them both. The card holder would come in handy for my Oyster card and since upgrading my iPhone I need a new iPhone 5 case. I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough tote bags, I seriously must own about 50 but I love this black version (yes I already have it in white). So yes, I basically want everything from the store!

I don't own any H t shirts so I could definitely do with either this Hilfiger Denim or the black and white JDYH top. Also, you can't go wrong with a little initial necklace, I'm quite fond of this Topshop one. I've wanted this scrabble mug for such a long time so I'm hoping this will be my lucky year!

Do you like stuff with your initial on x

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Sunday 24 November 2013

The Reflektors AKA Arcade Fire @ The Roundhouse 11/11/2013

Wow, I actually can't believe I hadn't seen Arcade Fire live in SIX WHOLE YEARS before this gig! The main reason being that I wasn't a huge fan of Neon Bible or The Suburbs but this all changed when they bought out their fourth album Reflektor last month. Funeral is undoubtedly one of the best indie rock albums of the 21st Century, I love it dearly but over the years I felt the band had become more poppy. Reflektor came out and it was like an indie, disco, dancing explosion and I love it!

After a guerilla marketing campaign for the new album, Arcade Fire have been doing a small string of last minute 'intimate' shows under the band name The Reflektors and when the news of 2 nights at The Roundhouse was broken I was very excited. I'd only ever seen the band at festivals, twice at Reading Festival (2005 and 2007) and once at Glastonbury (2007) so I was looking forward to seeing them at a proper show especially in one of London's nicer venues. Having read reviews of their previous shows on this tour I knew we were in for something a little different. First of all their was a dress code in place, strictly formal or fancy dress. Lily and I chose to dress in our finest. By finest I mean that I wore my trust black sparkly velvet dress, leather jacket and creepers topped off with a random mask I found on top of my bookshelf. The audience looked amazing because everyone had made the effort to dress up, there was a really party vibe and it made you feel like there was a real sense of occasion. On arrival at the venue we were greeted with a mariachi band which really got everyone in the mood for dancing.

As gigs go it was quite short, around 90 minutes long but this was something we were expecting. The band have been playing the majority of their new album on this tour with a few old favourites thrown in for good measure. From the back catalogue we were treated to Power Out (my personal favourite track of theirs), Sprawl II, Haiti and Crown of Love, all performed superbly. For me the new album is full of songs that sound so much better live, that's not saying they don't sound great on the record but because they're quite dancey they sound a lot more intense in a live setting. Normal Person, Joan or Arc and Here Comes The Night Time were highlights for me. It was a great gig, one of the best I've been to this year and I cannot wait to see them next year for more dancing. I'm already counting 3 times at least in 2014 (Primavera, Earls Court and Glastonbury). Arcade Fire, what a truly superb band!

Are you a fan of the new album x

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Sunday 17 November 2013

The National @ Ally Pally 14/11/2013

Alexandra Palace is a horrible venue; big, souless and a pain in the arse to get to, but despite that I had a jolly good time watching The National there last week. I love this band dearly and this was technically the second time I've seen them live as I had no idea who they were way back in 2011 at Reading Festival. Anyway, due to bad organisation I got to the venue a lot earlier than anticipated hence my front row position.

The band played for a solid 2 hours which is no surprise due to their 6 album spanning career and whilst the set list wasn't perfect I can't complain too much as they really put on a terrific show. Earlier this year they bought out "Trouble Will Find Me' which is a really great album; tales of love and heartbreak which is all very National-esque. They ended up playing all but 3 songs of it and whilst I do love hearing the new stuff live I also adore the older tunes and more new songs inevitably means less of the oldies. They played most of my favourites but when you compare the setlist from the previous night the lack of Apartment Story, About Today and Available is a little hard to swallow. It was nice they played their brand new song Lean which features in the new Hunger Games movie and I of course enjoyed swooning on Matt from my front row position, I even went all fan girly when he came right up to the barrier on several occasions! I sobbed during Slow Show which is undoubtedly one of the most romantic songs ever written and I jumped about like crazy when they played Mr November. Matt Berninger really is amusing to watch, when he's not singing he paces about the stage like a lost boy which I found hilariously awkward at times.

It was a fun night and I really hope I get to see them again soon as they really are a phenomenal band. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Primavera and Glastonbury next year

Are you a fan of The National x

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Sunday 10 November 2013


 photo punk_zps5fe595c9.jpg
Leather Jacket - ASOS
Grey hoodie - Topshop
Breton top - New Look
Swan print trousers - Topshop

 photo IMG_0150_zps4629610f.jpg

 photo IMG_0151_zps4de7e646.jpg

 photo IMG_0156_zpse6ea26e0.jpg

 photo IMG_0164_zpsd31246de.jpg
Rucksack - Forever 21

 photo IMG_0162_zps286deda2.jpg
Hat - Topshop
Nose piercing - Metal Morphosis

 photo IMG_0158_zps0dc4a234.jpg
Socks - Topshop
Creepers - Underground

I'm not a punk, I never have been but it's a lifestyle that has always deeply inspired me. From the mohawks at punk gigs I frequented in my teenage days to the fashion icons such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, it is a fashion statement that I have always been fascinated by. Over the years I've experimented with many ways of dressing from girly dresses to colourful prints and even chic monochrome ensembles but I always find myself reverting back to my grungier ways.

I go to a ton of gigs and I always enjoy having a nosey at what people are wearing. Apart from the hairstyles one thing I always notice at a punk gig are the amazing leather jackets. You can tell when an individual has spent a long time customising theirs with patches from their favourite bands to adorning the collars studs and pin badges. I've always wanted something similar with the heavy duty, studded feel but minus the band patches (been there, done that) and a few months back, after years of searching, I finally found the perfect leather jacket. This beauty was half price in a sale and whilst still pricey at around £80, because of the real buttery soft leather, the perfect biker shape and beautifully studded collar I knew it had to be mine! Every time I wear it I feel like adding a more punk feel to my outfit and my way of interpretation this is lots of prints but keeping the colour palate muted.

Whilst there are a lot of prints going on from swans to stripes and even Aztec I think it works because the the colours are mainly white, black and grey. And yes I know my rucksack is far from monochrome but adding a hint of colour with a bag just adds another element to the whole 'punk' look. I'm not sure if it's down to my new nose piercing but this is how I've been dressing a lot recently and I really like it!

Do you ever dress like a punk x

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