Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: for people who like their initials on stuff

H Stuff

I'm a complete sucker for anything with an H on it, whether it's a make up case, tote bag or t shirt I just can't get enough of my own initials. I'm assuming a lot of people are like that (are you?) so I decided to put together a gift guide of my favourite initial goodies.

Alphabet Bags is one of my favourite websites, I could spend hours drooling over the H goodies hence the reason why so much of this wish list is taken up by their stock. I already have 2 make up bags, coin purse and a tote bag by them but I can't help wanting more. I love the new iPad case, the multiple H print is rather cute plus it matches the make up bag I already have. The black and gold pouches are lovely as well, I can't decide between the two of them so naturally I want them both. The card holder would come in handy for my Oyster card and since upgrading my iPhone I need a new iPhone 5 case. I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough tote bags, I seriously must own about 50 but I love this black version (yes I already have it in white). So yes, I basically want everything from the store!

I don't own any H t shirts so I could definitely do with either this Hilfiger Denim or the black and white JDYH top. Also, you can't go wrong with a little initial necklace, I'm quite fond of this Topshop one. I've wanted this scrabble mug for such a long time so I'm hoping this will be my lucky year!

Do you like stuff with your initial on x

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