Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: for people who like to travel

Last year I did a nifty little gift guide for music related presents but this year I've gone for my number one passion in life, travelling!

The first part of the gift guide might as well be called, my favourite collection of travelling books!

travel 2

Travel books are my favourite thing, from extensive guides from Lonely Planet to design and photography orientated books such as Wallpaper City Guides. I love anything with pretty pictures hence my reason for including City Cycling and Herb Lester. Speaking of Herb Lester, I love his maps and already have a fair few to boot but that doesn't stop me lusting over the Everything Box, if £100 for a set of guides you might never get to put into practice then I highly recommend the European or USA box set. And if you're after something more focused then have a look at the London or NYC box set. On a side note the NYC Burger Map is my current favourite.

If you're after some luxury than Louis Vuitton do a cracking set of luxe travel guides and for a few hundred quid you can bag yourself a beautiful box with the complete collection. For a little less you can buy a beautiful box detailing the history of the LV trunk and for even less a single city guide. For more luxe guides check out one of the LUXE City Guides box sets of single issue guides. I already have the European one but I'll be adding the Asian and World Tour box set to my collection shortly. I've not included any on the guide but the Hg2 books are lovely as well, especially the Eat London and Eat NYC versions. I'm still trying to track down the elusive Eat Paris!

A new find to my travel book collection is the Go Unusual books and the new Go Unusual Overnight Directory is just fab, I bought it for myself a few ago and can't help looking at the crazy, unusual hotels.

Steve bought me the Maps book for my birthday and it's gorgeous, it's a kids book full of beautiful illustrations but it would honestly be perfect for anyone with an interest in maps, travel and wonderful drawings. 1000 Places... was a Christmas gift last year and I love it as it's full of tips for every country you could possibly imagine, definitely one for any travel lover.

For the second half I've focused more on travelling related bits and bobs for use of a better phrase. Everyone needs a beautiful passport holder and luggage tag and how gorgeous are these numbers from Aspinal and Liberty? I love the scratch globe (I already have the map) and these two globe baubles are stunning. I love anything from North Face and I've been after a bag and coat for a long time, this holdall come rucksack would be best for a future around the world travelling trip! On big trips I like to keep a diary and these Molekine and Smythson ones are really lovely, how great is this list keeper as well? I would definitely love a TfL art print poster calendar or jigsaw plus this stick on chalkboard map looks so much fun. The globe lamp is really fun and the matching globe necklace is adorable.

travel 1

I hope this gives you plenty of ideas for presents, a few of these I would definitely love myself (that's if I don't already have them).

Merry Christmas x

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