Wednesday 29 May 2019

Hello 2019

Long time, no blog. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last published something. But it's not without trying, I have plenty of half finished drafts in varying degrees of completeness sat in my posts folder. I haven't fallen out with the blogging world so to speak, but I have found that updating my blog has dropped off my list of priorities. This makes me sad. I love writing here and I have so many things I want to share. Perhaps I'm overwhelmed, so many blog posts but so little time. But I want to do better. I still love food, travel, and life in London and I want to continue talking to anyone who'll listen. I'm not promising anything other than I will try to be better, for my own sake.

So an update on my life. The end of 2018 was a busy one for Steve and me. We travelled a lot, Norway for my birthday in October, Lisbon in November because why the hell not, Amsterdam in November for a gig, Prague in December for our anniversary, and Paris for a few days after Christmas because I love to visit Paris every year. And that's not even talking about the half of 2019 we've just experienced. Two trips to Ireland and weekends in Glasgow and Bristol. Doesn't sound too busy but that's because our holiday quota is about to begin. Stockholm, Dublin, a week in the Faroe Islands and Copenhagen, Geneva, two weeks in Mexico, Ireland again, and Germany. Maybe even a day trip to Paris, because I love to visit Paris every year.

Phew, I feel exhausted just typing all of that. But of course I'm not complaining, it's been wonderful, except Lisbon but that's a story for another day.

Norway was a particular highlight. My last visit had been 2013, just before I met Steve, and I couldn't wait to show him the fjords and the idyllic Nordic landscapes. Scandinavia really is my favourite part of the world. But to top of the year, Steve had a surprise for me. On the evening of our fifth anniversary, whilst we stopped on a hill overlooking the beautiful city of Prague, Steve got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes. The date is set for June 2020, in our home city of London, and I am 100% determined to make this planning process as stress free as possible. We're booking things little by little, including our six week long honeymoon across Canada. 

As for 2019, I'm not one for big resolutions, plus it's a bit late for that now, but I'm determined to finally wear in my Dr Martens, go for more runs than I did in 2018 (I did one run in 2018), and continue to cut down my waste and live a more sustainable life. Thanks for staying with me, despite my sporadic blogging, and here's to not going another nine months blog free.

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