Friday 31 May 2013

Air Max Love

I've turned into a sports wear obsessed chav recently. It started with upgrading my Nike running kit, then I started buying Adidas street wear and now I am after some old school Nike Air Max trainers. I love this style of shoe so much, they look so comfortable for trampling around London in but I know I'd be totally tempted to pop the air bubble cos I'm a bit weird like that. There are tons of colour variations but I love this style the most. Someone please buy these for me in a size 7, thanks very much.

What are your thoughts on wearing trainers for non sporting activities x

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Thursday 30 May 2013


It was my Granny's 80th birthday the other day and we had all the family around for a lovely lunch. I wore my new Topshop Boutique silk dress which is perfect for summer parties. This is a picture of me, my little sister, my Granny, my other sister and my Mum.

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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Black Boots Love

Black Boot Edit
£99 -
£425 -
£395 -
£71 -
£375 -
£120 -
£56 -
£525 -

It's not secret that black boots are my downfall when it comes to shoes. I have countless pairs and can't stop swooning over others so I am always keeping an eye out for the perfect pair. I like my foot wear chunky and grungy so black boots really are the perfect sartorial accessory to satisfy my style. Come rain or shine I will always wear a chunky black boot.

In my most recent search I cam across the above beauties. I've actually already bought the studded Topshop delights and I have been crazing over a pair of Isabel Marant high tops for so long now but they always sell out super quickly. A patent pair of Doc Martens will be forever on my list and Spartoo pair are the perfect day to evening transition piece in my opinion. I love the monochrom pair and the Acne boots will forever be a lust after pair for me. I just can't help myself when it come to these chunky beauties.

What's you favourite type of boot x
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Sunday 12 May 2013

Sun, sea and scuba

 photo DSCN0378_zps3838977e.jpg

It's been over 2 years since I last donned a wetsuit and scuba tank and my gosh do I miss it! Scuba diving is a huge passion of mine but unfortunately it's a hobby I don't get to partake in that often. Gliding through the quiet ocean surrounded by fish, sharks and beautiful coral is an other worldly sensation that is very difficult to describe. It is beautifully peaceful and liberating experience and is the closest way to feel like you're on another planet.

 photo DSCN0456_zps17601a02.jpg

Considering the earth's surface is approximately 70% water there is an awful lot to be seen in the deep dark blue. I've been very fortunate to have scuba dived in many wonderful places during my travels. Highlights have included swimming with sharks and turtles in Sipadan, Borneo. Getting friendly with clown fish and leopard sharks in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand and exploring the beautiful marine life in the red sea. I learnt to dive when I was a teenager during a family holiday to El Gouna, Egypt and completed my Open Water PADI the following year in Mauritius. On my travels through SE Asia in 2010 I completed my Advanced Open Water PADI in Nah Trang, Vietnam and spent the rest of the trip tallying up as many dives as possible. It's been 2.5 years since my last dive in Borneo and now I am getting itchy fingers planning on where I can go next.

 photo DSCN0459_zps32ea58a5.jpg

Diving in the UK is a possibility but I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold temperatures and for now I'm more interested in warm oceans full of colourful coral and fantastical fish than shady ship wrecks and murky waters. However, a lot of the best locations to dive are in really far flung parts of the world that are not only expensive to get to but also require more than a weeks stay to make the journey worthwhile. This is where Egypt comes into play, not only does it only take 5 hours to get to from London but the diving is world class. With the help of and their terrific holiday deals I am planning a trip Sharm el Shiekh with some of my non scuba diving friends who are desperate to learn. I can't wait to share the beauty of the underwater world with them. Follow on facebook and twitter for even more fantastic holiday deals.

Have you ever been diving x

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Monday 6 May 2013

Tie Dye

 photo Tiedye_zps7ba6fb04.jpg
Watch - Michael Kors
Necklace - Primark
Silver bracelet - Black Tied
Blue bracelet - Bohemian Collective

 photo IMG_2627_zps7de90cbd.jpg

 photo IMG_2635_zps93a7937b.jpg

 photo IMG_2653_zps191a02c7.jpg

 photo IMG_2656_zpsc94ae423.jpg

I really adore this dress, it's the perfect fit for a hot summers day. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and as soon as the sun comes out it's my go to clothing item. It's made from silk and is very delicate so I have to be extra careful when I wear it. I think the tie dye is quite unique but the blue and white print makes it more wearable than the pink/orange tie dye items you see. I haven't worn my jelly shoes in such a long time because they started to hurt my feet but on a gorgeous summer day it's nice to get them out for a spin.

I've had a lovely bank holiday weekend relaxing in the sun, visiting a few museums and celebrating my Granny's 80th birthday with the rest of the family. Really not looking forward to work tomorrow but the thought of going to NYC in less than 2 weeks is keeping me going.

Have you enjoyed the bank holiday sun x
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Wednesday 1 May 2013


 photo Barrats_zps3f817195.jpg
Top - ASOS
Skirt - Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors
Socks - Primark
Creepers - Barratts *

 photo IMG_2672_zps13407e09.jpg

 photo IMG_2677_zps7c7baf74.jpg

 photo IMG_2685_zpsc79d68fc.jpg

 photo IMG_2693_zpse5b600aa.jpg

I've been wearing creepers for a while now, they're my go to shoes and I honestly think they go with 99% of outfits. Some people would grossly disagree with this outrageous statement but I like my footwear ugly and chunky so I'm going to stick with it. However, I'm the first to hold up my hand and say I'm a shoe snob though! I don't like doing fakes whether it's Converse, Jeffrey Campbells or even (excuse my language) Uggs. I would just prefer to fork out the money for the real deal and know that I was getting good quality footwear. The same can be said for creepers, with so many cheaper alternatives around, cos hell these bad boys ain't cheap, it's tempting to go for a more purse friendly alternative. However being the self confessed shoe snob that I am this has never been the case, until now...

Barratts asked me to choose a pair of shoes from the website and when I saw these grey creepers I knew I wanted to check them out. I'd been after a grey Underground pair for a while but couldn't really be bothered to part with £90. The Barratts pair have the real deal look about them with the stitching and D rings. I have been so impressed with them since they turned up I've been wearing them nonstop, they are so comfortable and really excellent quality. At a fraction of the price I can honestly say I am no longer a creeper snob and would happily buy another pair of the Barratts alternative in many a different colour.

On another note, how weird and spacey is this top? I love the quilted pattern and the zips and mesh panels give it a pretty random futuristic vibe.

Are you a fan of creeper alternatives x

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