Travel Wish List

Wish list:

A huge train trip across Canada
A west-coast road trip from Seattle all the way down to San Diego
Weekends in Athens, Faroe Islands, Ă…land Islands, Beirut, and Baku
Croatia island hopping
A big travelling adventure around central and south America
A few weeks in Nepal and India
Take the Trans-Mongolian express from Beijing to Moscow and St. Petersburg via Mongolia
SXSW in Austin, Texas
A cruise to Antarctica (the only cruise I would ever consider)
A week or two in Sri Lanka
Visit more of SE Asia i.e. Taiwan, and Philippines
A two week trip around the Balkans
Safari in Kenya
A road trip around Ireland
A taco tour around Mexico

Upcoming trips:


May and June // two and a half weeks travelling around Indonesia

Wish List:
Long weekends in Lisbon, Sofia, Bergen and Oslo
A Christmas market weekend in central Europe


December // a long weekend in Liechtenstein and Zurich

Previous trips:


October // a nine day trip around the Netherlands
September // a weekend in Cardiff for a wedding
August // Green Man Festival // a weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe
July // a weekend in Manchester // Indietracks Festival
May and June // a two and a half week road trip around Denmark
May // a long weekend in the France Riviera
April // Easter in Bucharest and Transylvania, Romania
January // a weekend in Paris


December // a long weekend in Nuremberg // 10 days in Ireland for Christmas and New Year's Eve
October and November // over three weeks travelling around Japan and South Korea
October // a weekend in Aberdeen for a wedding
July // Latitude Festival // Indietracks Festival
June // a long weekend in Porto for Nos Primavera Sound Festival // a long weekend in Gothenburg
May // a long weekend in Northern Ireland
February // a weekend in Luxembourg


December // a long weekend in Cologne // a weekend in Glasgow // two weeks travelling around Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar
November // a day in Paris
October // a long weekend in Bilbao and San Sebastian
August // End of the Road Festival
July // a two week road trip around Iceland // Indietracks Festival
June // a weekend in Newport and Cardiff
May // a long weekend in Glasgow
February // a long weekend in Paris


December // a weekend in Berlin // New Year's Eve in Ireland
October // a weekend in Northern Ireland
September // a week in the Baltics i.e Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland
August // End of the Road Festival
July // two days in Northern Ireland for a wedding // Indietracks Festival
June // a day in Paris // Glastonbury Festival
May // a weekend in Leeds // three days in Bruges // a long weekend in Barcelona for Primavera Sound Festival
February // a weekend in Warwick // a long weekend in Istanbul


November // a weekend in Leeds
October // a weekend in Edinburgh
August // End of the Road Festival
June // Glastonbury Festival
May // a week in New York City
April // a long weekend in Berlin
March // a long weekend in Paris // two weeks in Norway


November // a weekend in Reykjavik
August // a long weekend in Paris
January // a week in New York City


October // a long weekend in Berlin
June // Glastonbury Festival


September - December // 3.5 months in SE Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)


August - September // 2 months inter railing around Europe (Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Verona, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki)