Monday 21 October 2013

Edinburgh Outfit Snaps

 Sunglasses - Rayban Clubmasters via Vision Direct *
Bag - Zatchels
Coat - Topshop

A couple of weekends ago I went to Edinburgh with a bunch of my best girl friends to celebrate my 27th birthday. We had a lot of fun exploring the city, eating delicious Scottish food and wondering what the locals were saying. This was my first trip to Scotland and I loved it, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I'll definitely be back one day.

Saturday was our busy day of sightseeing starting with a few hours spent at the magnificent Edinburgh Castle so I decided to keep my outfit comfortable. Despite the sun making an appearance it was a cold and windy weekend and my trusty duffel coat kept me nice and warm. I was able to début my new sunglasses as well which was a nice treat, I've wanted a pair of Clubmasters for a long time now so I was delighted to try these out. They're the perfect retro style and whilst quite bulky they aren't too heavy to wear, I love them! I just need to remember to put my contact lenses in when I know I'm going to be wearing them. A day of walking around means my Converse made an appearance alongside my favourite satchel i.e. this over the top silver metallic number.

Sarah, Lily and I - the pineapples speak from themselves

My little sister and I being silly in the Missoni Hotel bathroom

Dress - Topshop
Breton top - New Look
Watch - Casio
Shoes - Converse

We had afternoon at the Missoni Hotel which was lovely and even spotted Russell Brand in the lobby which was rather exciting. Over the weekend we went to some terrific restaurants including the Dogs, Doric Tavern, Urban Angel and Cafe Marlayne. My favourite pub was by far the Brass Monkey and the Caledonian Hostel we stayed wasn't all that bad either. If you've never been to Edinburgh I really recommend a trip one weekend, it's a wonderful place with so much great culture. I really want to visit Glasgow now for a bit of a music pilgrimage as a lot of my favourite bands are from there.

Have you been to Edinburgh x

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  1. Such a fun weekend - love that we found some pineapples! x

  2. I've never been to Edinburgh, but it always looks great when I see photos.

  3. Yes I have never been to Edinburgh, but it's really nice place. The designer eyewear that your worn in above blog is really looking very nice on your face and suit properly. Wearing designer sunglasses for women are helps to keep their eyes safe from harmful UV rays and other things.

  4. I've never been but after reading both yours and Lyzi's (Being Little) posts recently I'm so tempted. Looks like such a fun weekend x

  5. I love Edinburgh and this looks like it was a really fun trip!

    Maria xxx

  6. Ah wish I could have made it along!


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