Tuesday 10 November 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2015

We spent a wonderful four days exploring the small city of Reykjavik but even though we saw a tremendous amount in that time there are still a few things I missed that I'll be sure to visit next time and believe me when I say I will 100% be visiting Iceland again.

We arrived in Iceland bright and early on a Thursday morning which meant we had 4 full days to explore Reykjavik before our road trip began. We wondered around the many museums, galleries and shops on our first and second day including a visit to the ATP festival, we took a boat to a nearby island and local swimming pool on our third day and drove around the local countryside to visit the 'golden circle' attractions on the fourth day. On our fifth day in Iceland we managed to visit one last brunch spot and record shop before beginning our road trip and heading off on the ring road. I'm glad we got to see so much of Reykjavik as I feel really familiar with the city. Here's my photo diary of what we saw. City guide coming next time!

Day 1:


Reykjavik's famous lobster soup from Sægreifinn in the harbour

Dressing up at the Saga Museum

The fantastic Whales of Iceland museum

Saw a crazy exhibition with a teddy bear graveyard at Reykjavik Art Museum (Listasafn Reykjavikur Hafnarhus)

Had a quick look in the tiny Reykjavik Museum of Photography which is above the library (and is free entry)

Bought some hats from our favourite Icelandic outdoors shop, 66° North

Checked into our accommodation, KEX hostel

Quick visit to the taco truck to an early dinner and some beer

Went to ATP Iceland and saw Iggy Pop, Public Enemy, and Belle and Sebastian (pictured)

Got back to our hostel at 3am and this was the view, it never gets pitch black during July in Iceland

Day 2:

Spent the morning checking out lots of cute home interior shops

Checked out a few records shops as well

Had a tasty brunch crepe from Cafe Babalu and a cookie sandwich that I can't stop thinking about

Got the lift up Hallgrímskirkja to check out the views over the city

Walked around the bizarre sculpture garden at the Einar Jónsson Museum

Went for a walk around Tjörnin and visited the wonderful National Museum of Iceland and the less impressive National Gallery of Iceland

Saw this amazing 3D map of Iceland at the town hall

My favourite museum in the city if Reykjavik 871 +/- 2 because it's built around a one of the oldest houses in Iceland

Went to the Laundromat Cafe for a nacho snack

Checked out some shops around town including the Christmas Shop, yes in July and I loved it

Went to Micro Bar to try a range of craft beers

Dinner at KEX hostel

Day 3:

Went to the The Icelandic Phallological Museum but forgot to take a photo :(

Checked out some more record shops

Went on a little boat trip to Viðey island

Went swimming at Laugardalslaug but we weren't allowed to take photos :(

Back in town we grabbed a quick slice of pizza at The Deli and later a burger at Tommi's burger joint

Drinks at the ultra cool Kaffibarin

Local cider at Kaldi Bar

Cheap Viking beer at Dillon Whiskey Bar

Day 4:

Breakfast a Sanholt bakery and then we picked up our rental car at Go Iceland

Went to Viking World to see a big boat

Went on a REALLY LONG drive but it was worth it because we climbed a glacier

Did the 'Golden Circle' and saw Gullfoss

Saw Geysir and it was awesome

Last stop of the 'Golden Circle' tour was Thingvellir National Park

Drove back to Reykjavik and checked out some buildings in the middle of the night including Perlan (above) and Reykjavik Art Museum (Listasafn Reykjavikur Kjarvalsstadir)

Dipped our toes into the water at Reykjavik geothermal beach

Hadn't eaten all day so we grabbed hot dogs at 2am

Day 5:

Icelandic breakfast at the perfect Scandi cafe Bergsson Mathús

Checked out one final record shop before we left Reykjavik and our road trip began

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  1. So many amazing pics! I have such wanderlust at the moment... x

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