Friday 16 August 2019

Eight Cafes to Visit in Stockholm

Steve and I recently had a lovely weekend in Stockholm celebrating Midsummer. The trip had been booked for quite some time but it ended up nicely coinciding with our 'one year until we get married' date. Whilst this was a nice coincidence, booking a trip to Sweden during Midsummer, and booking our wedding for the Midsummer weekend were definitely not coincidences. It's a great time of year, a celebration of life and love, and I'm delighted that it'll become all the more special for Steve and myself.

Midsummer to the Swedes is a bit like Christmas to the Brits, everything shuts down for the weekend and locals head out of the city to celebrate with their loved ones. Stockholm is no exception. Most things close on Friday and Saturday with only a small number of places opening on Sunday. Fortunately we knew this in advance and planned accordingly. It did mean that on Thursday and Monday we had a lot to do and by that I mean we had a lot of pastries to eat.

Fika, another Swedish buzz word, involving a cup of coffee (juice in my case) and a little something to eat, all whilst in great company, is something I wish we took more time for at home. Stockholm has so many great Fika locations and Steve and I had a great tine discovering a handful of them.

Mr Cake

As soon I saw pictures of red velvet croissants, the industrial styled Mr Cake jumped to the top of my Fika list. Despite the location not being the most central, the croissants are absolutely worth seeking out. Flaky red pastry, filled with sweet, cream cheese frosting. A dream. In fact, the contents of the cafe looked so good, Steve and I struggled not to order the entire menu. To compliment the croissant we also tried one of the signature strawberry jam and cream filled doughnuts. I'm fussy when it comes to doughnuts, I like simple jammy fillings and good quality dough, and fortunately our doughnut captured this perfectly.

Rådmansgatan 12, 114 25 Stockholm, Sweden
Open daily (hours vary)

Green Rabbit

We needed something a bit on the savoury side after all that sugar so we walked (only ten minutes away) to Green Rabbit to sample some rye based treats in the form of a signature cardamon roll and a mini chocolate biscuit. Despite not being a huge fan of cardamon I can't deny how tasty the roll was, and as for the chocolate biscuit, it could well have been the sweet treat I ate all weekend thanks to being the perfect gooey cookie-brownie hybrid.

Tegnérgatan 17, 111 40 Stockholm, Sweden
Open Monday to Saturday (hours vary)

Lillebrors bageri

Our final Fika stop on Thursday was Lillebrors for a selection of freshly made bread. We smelt the bakery before we even saw it so we knew we were in for a treat. Our freshly baked bread roll was perfectly springy in texture and we happily ate it without any butter; truly the sign of an excellent quality dough. The custard filled doughnut, which caught Steve's eye more so than mine, ticked all my doughnut specifications, that I found the distinct lack of jam surprisingly tasty.

Rörstrandsgatan 12, 113 40 Stockholm, Sweden
Open Wednesday to Sunday (hours vary)

Johan and Nyström

On Sunday a few things started to re-open which meant we could finally head out of the hotel for breakfast. Johan and Nyström is a small chain of cafes specialising in coffee but they also have a great selection of food including sandwiches, pastries, and other breakfast options. We visited the Norrlandsgatan branch as it was located around the corner from our hotel but there's four location in central Stockholm. To accompany our breakfast we had a delicious cinnamon roll and a selection of addictive handmade caramels from locally based Pärlans Konfektyr.

Norrlandsgatan 20, 111 43 Stockholm, Sweden
Open daily (hours vary)

Pom and Flora

Our last day in Stockholm was another busy one for cafe culture. Our first stop was Pom and Flora in Södermalm (there's another branch in Vasastan). The cafe specialises in vegetarian and vegan food and does classic breakfast dishes with a Scandinavian twist exceptionally well. We tried a variety of egg based dishes which tasted great.

Bondegatan 64, 116 29 Stockholm, Sweden
Open daily (hours vary)

Café and Bageri Pascal

After breakfast and mooch around some shops (Södermalm is incredible for shopping) we decided it was time from something sweet; Café Pascal to the rescue. Pascal serves a variety of food including sandwiches and cake, but it's speciality is the pastries. With a heavenly looking selection of cinnamon and cardamon buns, croissants, and pain au chocolats, we ordered a almond stuffed croissant. I must have been overwhelmed by the choice because I hate anything almond stuffed. Steve on the other hand loved the pastry plus I can't deny how tasty the flaky pastry was. There's another branch in Vasastan.

Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden
Open daily (hours vary)

Drop Coffee

After some more shopping it was time for another break. Drop Coffee is Stockholm's premiere coffee shop and the place to go for a caffeine fix. I'm not a coffee drinker (Steve is) so I enjoyed some locally made apple juice instead. We shared a teeny tiny chocolate and raspberry brownie too because when in Sweden and all that. Drop Coffee is as cool as they come and whether you sit in or grab something to go, it's a great quick fix for minimalist Scandinavian design vibes.

Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden
Open daily (hours vary)

Bageri Petrus

Our final cafe stop was Bageri Petrus, which is situated around the corner from Drop Coffee, and renowned for some of the best pastries in Sweden. By this stage we has reached full pastry capacity so we did what any sensible person would do and buy some pastries to takeaway for later. As we sat on the plane to London later that day, reminiscing about our wonderful weekend in Stockholm, we devoured our croissant in all it's buttery, flaky perfection.

Swedenborgsgatan 4B, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden
Open Monday - Saturday (hours vary)

The cafe scene in Stockholm is a real treat and hopefully we'll get to visit again soon as there are still so many different places to visit.

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