Sunday 31 March 2013

#100London - March Update

March has been a bit of a rubbish month for me in terms of museum visiting as I've been away on holiday for half of it (I'm back from Norway tomorrow FYI). However I did make it to a couple of new places at the beginning of the month.

After intending to visit for years I finally made it to the Horniman Museum in south east London. This place is full of fantastic natural history and I'm so glad I finally managed to visit plus the gardens are so beautiful and come summer they will be lovely to walk around. On the same day I popped into the Clink Prison Museum on my way from London Bridge to the Tate Modern. I'd never heard of this place but I happened to stumble across the entrance so thought I'd pop in. At £7 entry I think this place is a little over priced, the clink prison dates back to 1114 and whilst there are tones of interesting facts in the museum about this place and what happened in the prison days there isn't really anything to look at in terms of artefacts. However, it was interesting to read all about the torture devices (morbid much?) and the different prisoners.

I went back to the Tate Modern to check out A Bigger Splash and Lichtenstein A Retrospective. Both excellent exhibitions and definitely worth checking out. I actually want to go back for Lichtenstein as I didn't have time to look around properly. I can't believe how often I've been to the Tate Modern this year, I think this must be my third visit and it's only March. I am definitely making the most out of my membership.

So those 2 news places bring my count to 14 which is a little disappointing as I was hoping to be on 30 by the end of March but I know I can catch up with myself come the summer months.

Where have you been this months x

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  1. I really want to go to the Litchenstein exhibition. I've been pretty bad culture-wise this month, it's just been too cold! x


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