Monday 18 March 2013


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The KTZ collection at fashion week was only a little bit bonkers, right? Those massively oversized caps really had me going, I mean they are so totally huge and in your face but you know what I kind of love them. For a pale girl like me they would be perfect in the sun... I love the loud, brash prints of the coat dresses, they perfect for beating those winter blues. The printed dresses worn over the matching trousers is a look seen in a few different shows so it looks like matching layering is going to be a big hit for AW13, not sure how I feel about this trend but the co-ord seem to be huge at the moment so it only makes sense to move from matching trousers and jacket to matching trousers and dress. Whilst this collection may not be to everyone's taste I did enjoy the comedy accessories and the OTT prints, a fun and ghetto collection this is for sure.

Are you loving the huge caps as well x

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  1. Stunning outfits, i like all especially the first three dresses are my favorite..:)
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