Monday 25 March 2013

Provoke Touch of Silver

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Having blonde hair is a right old pain, so much maintenance is involved to keep the blonde looking more white and less yellow which is why I am forever testing purple shampoo to see which brand eliminates brassiness the best. The Touch of Silver range from ProVoke seems to be doing the job pretty well at the moment and the best thing about these products are the price, they are cheap!

I only wash my hair twice a week which means I can get away with using a purple toning shampoo every time I wash it. I've been using the twice a week brightening shampoo constantly for the past couple of months and I can really see the difference. Normally I have to use a proper toning treatment about once a month to eliminate brassiness but since using this shampoo I haven't had too as it works well enough on it's own. Purple shampoos have a reputation for drying your hair which is something I have noticed in the past but it's not something I've noticed to much with this one, however that could be down to the lashing of conditioner and hair masks I've been using recently.

I don't use the daily maintenance shampoo that often but if I'm after a more foamy hair wash I add a little to the treatment shampoo and the mixtures foams up nicely. The maintenance shampoo isn't very purple in tone so I don't think it would really work that well to eliminate brassiness in bleach blondes so perhaps it's more suitable for darker blondes or if you wash your hair nearly every day.

The conditioner is OK, I find that bleach blonde hair is normally mega dry and brittle and I don't think this is heavy duty enough to really give my hair the TLC it needs. It don't think I'll be buying it again as there are other conditioners I love to use instead.

How do you keep your blonde hair white and not brassy x

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  1. I'm really curious about purple shampoo. I'm not sure if I'm blonde enough for them to make a difference to my hair but I'm tempted to give them a try as I want blonder hair! x


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