Tuesday 7 September 2010

Rainbow Nails

Everyone has been talking about nail varnish recently and whilst I don't normally paint my nail that much (the chipping annoys me) I thought I'd jazz them up for a change.

I painted them a few days ago in an attempt to avoiding doing some revision for my final viva voce on Friday. I couldn't decide on which colour so thought I'd go with a range =)

Please excuse the awful chipping and my shoddy fingers!! My thumb looks black but it's actually dark purple in reality. Most nails required 3 coats to make the colour really opaque but it's quite soothing the painting process so I don't mind too much.

The yellow is from Barry M
The blue, pink and orange is 17 (must have been 3 for the price of 2)
The purple is from Miss Sporty

I think I might paint my nails more often because it really does spruce up a look and adds a bit of fun colour.

Do you guys paint your nails much and if so what colours do you go with? Next time I think I'll do different colours rather than sticking to the same thing all the time.

I am currently obsessed with Dexter, oops x


  1. I tend to paint my nails a different colour every week - that's just the routine I've got into. And colour-wise, it's purely whatever I fancy that week! I've got quite a few to choose from!

    My nails are currently a Barry M shade, I think it's called Pale Blue - & even though my latest blog post was ages ago, they are the same colour as in that - because I liked it so much I repeated the colour - which I never ever do, & my students were horrified when I went in on Monday with the same colour nails!

    I LOVE Dexter - what season are you watching? I'm on season 4, but my friend's only just finishing season 2 - I need her to catch up so I've got someone to talk to about it! Great programme :)


  2. ooh i love the yellow barry m one!
    & i'm after a lilac colour xx

  3. It's looking great....Check out my blog....

  4. love the barry m yellow colour i eyed it up just yesterday! might havr to go bk and buy it :) x

  5. I love Barry M nail paint! amazing colours!



  6. Oooh, I ♥ nailssss! Looking lush.

    I noticed you've just started following my blog- butttt, it's just beeen deleted as spam and i've lost all my followers :(

    Pleasee, come find me at www.fashionandcircus.blogspot.com XXXX


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