Monday 13 September 2010

A weekend of celebrations

Apologies for my absence this last week, I've been super busy with finishing my masters, celebrating, watching Dexter and my cousin's 21st birthday party!

On Friday, I officially finished my MSc in Toxicology and I'm happy to say I got a merit overall and even better news with a distinction in my dissertation =) Friday night was of course spent celebrating, so much in fact I didn't really take any photos. After little sleep I moved out of Guildford and then spent Saturday eve celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday with an excellent party to boot at my auntie and uncle's house.

Dress and flower from a random shop in Derby
Tights from River Island
Platforms from Office

I bought these shoes last week, I'd spotted them on the website ages ago but didn't want to spend £60, however to my surprise they were reduced to £25 in the sale, yippie for me!!! I love all the different colours in this outfit, pinks and purples are my favourite and even though I have 3 different shades going on I think they all work together because of the black dress. The dress code for the party was black tie and I was probably the most colourful looking!

My cousin B went to Newcastle uni so the crowd at the party were pretty mental to say the least. The night started with lovely dinner of Indian food and copious amounts of beer and wine. By 10pm every guy in the place was topless. I can't complain though because they were a pretty buff lot. By 11pm nearly every guy was NAKED in the swimming pool, I have never seen so many naked bodies in one place before...... Even though I didn't know a single person at the party (except my family) it was a pretty fun (sleepless) night!

My table at the party who started the drinking games i.e. downing wine and beer from the flower vase!!

My sisters, little H and S

All the girl cousins, little H, cousin little H, moi, cousin H and S

Just realised I don't have a photo of myself and the birthday boy which is a shame because he had a snazzy bow tie on. Most people were in black and white so I really stood out with my massive flower especially by the end of the night when most people were naked and I was fully clothed. I have far too much dignity to go half naked swimming in a pool full of drunken naked people.

Off to meet some friends for Chinese food now x


  1. you and your cousins look lovely :) and congrats on your grades,bloody hell, you clever miss!

    i started reading Dexter, i had mixed thoughs although i did start reading the 4th in the series (whoops lol) i've done a little back ground reading (..wikipedia) and i think i'm def going to watch them as they sound a lot better and less gory!

    sarah xxxx

    p.s i could drink copious amounts and i would still never get naked! i'm glad you kept your lovely dress on! what on earth did your fam think if this naked boys?

    pp.s major cravings for noodles now!

  2. Well done, I would probably have gone down to pants, not naked though! Lol! LOVING this outfit too, you look amazing! Well done on the grades, time for a celebratory trip to Germany he he ;) xxx

  3. Love the pictures, your hair looks lovely...did you do something different?

    I've just started watching season 2 of Dexter, i am unhealthly obsessed with it haha! I really want to read the books too, they are on my ever growing reading list!

    Stacey xx

  4. Congratulations!

    You look lovely; your hair looks nice straight ;-)


  5. I love your outfit! And glad you had a great weekend!


  6. Your outfit is lovely. Great idea with the fower, really makes it pop!


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