Thursday 16 September 2010

Love layers

I've been really tardy when its come to blogging recently and I think I've hit the nail on the head when it comes to why! I started blogging as an escape from the pressures of uni work and all the stress surrounding it. For an hour or so every evening I could relax, write something unrelated to science and basically share my interests with the world. Since I've finished my masters I haven't really been stressed and therefore not needed an escape. However, I continue to love blogging and promise I will be better. Once I get back into a routine I'm sure I'll be much more eager to write and share my thoughts and outfits with you all. Since moving home I've been spending a lot of time catching up with friends in the local pub so my usual routine of evening blogging has gone down the pan. Maybe I can overcome this by scheduling posts or not going out as much!! Haha, never!!!

This is a bit of an old outfit as I'm too lazy to find my camera cable in my pig sty of a room. The blue silk dress is definitely a fail safe item of clothing for me. It can be dressed up in the evening and worn more casually during the day. This particular outfit was worn on a trip to our local Mac shop where my Dad bought an iMac for the house and an iPod touch for meeee =)

Dress from Topshop
Cardigan and wedges from H&M
Jacket is vintage from eBay

I love these wedges, they are extremely comfortable and whilst I'm not a usual fan of white shoes these are very versatile! I've started layering over dresses I would normally wear on their own and I'm rather enjoying it, feels like I have new skirts and with winter fast approaching the layers keep me warm which is always a bonus. The dress and jacket also have BIG pockets which is a favourite of mine too =)

Just realised how wonky that first picture is! My little sister H took it late one evening before I we went to bed hence the slant. My Mum bought me something VERY exciting for doing so well in my masters and I can't wait to share it with you soon.....

Do you guys ever feel like layering over dresses you normally would save for a night out or do you prefer to let the dress do all the talking?

Also, for those who asked I straightened my hair in the last post which is why it looks different. I don't normally style it much (I can't be bothered in all honesty) but I do love it when it's straight because it feels so much longer. However, deep down I'm a curly gal and think it suits my personality better =)

Job interview tomorrow, yikes x


  1. i love layering too (: but i tend to find i only do it during the day. when i'm going out, then i want my dress or whatever to make a statement

  2. Ahh, the problem of real life-blogging balance. No need to excuse yourself, I find. & all the best for your job interview!

  3. I normally don't layer on top of dresses but I think you did a great job! That stripey jacket is awesome :)


  4. Love those wedges! Thank you for the comment on my velvet post! I love a bit of layering, especially layering textures...

    Corinne x


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