Monday 20 September 2010

Elbows, knees and toes

I love elbow patches no doubt about it. There is something so de mode yet quirky about them I can not resist!! I've had a grey cardigan with elbow patches in my wardrobe for what seems like years, I refer to it as my Howard Moon jacket (Mighty Boosh reference) and love it to bits. However, a couple of weeks ago I spotted this beauty in H&M and could not resist.

Jumper from H&M
Stripe dress from French Connection
Duffle Jacket from Miss Selfridge
Boots from Topshop

This jumper is fab, it's on the large side so can be easily thrown over loads of different items of clothing and the elbow patches definitely make it more interesting. Now that the temperature is dropping I'm digging out a lot of my old coats including this duffle from last year. I like to have lots of different coats in colours and styles a plenty, they can really add something to an outfit is styled in the right way.

Look at Mooey relaxing in the background, isn't she a beauty? She really is getting used to her new home and even though she doesn't quite love me as much as I love her yet she is lots of fun to have around. Even though she does eat all our garden vegetables.

This dress is another item I've discovered can be layered over very easily. It's a bit on the tight side so with a jumper thrown over the top is makes a perfect skirt especially since it's covered in stripes and we all know how much I love a good stripe.

Today I've been busy sorting stuff out for travelling, I can't believe I leave in under a week, I am so excited about this mini adventure. I'll do a post this week on where I'm going and what's going on. Since I've transferred all my saved money into my normal bank account ready for the trip I am so tempted to go shopping but I mustn't otherwise I'll be broke in Asia =(

Must dash, heaps to do x

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  1. I love the elbow patches! Rather want this jumper now...


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