Wednesday 26 May 2010


I didn't get off to a good start today... I was avoiding revision (as usual) by painting my nails, however I knocked over the little pot and blue iridescent colour spilt everywhere. It went all over my trousers making them gleam in the light, my carpet which isn't great regarding my deposit and my woolly duck sock :-(

Blue nail varnish by Eyeko

Needless to say I was pretty annoyed by my animal like clumsiness, making today's choice of outfit all the more appropriate...

Tribal is a trend I've seen come and go for many a season, once again full of clashing prints, animal madness and the all important bling. However, today I'm concentrating on the all important leopard print and all the nail varnish spilling it brings with it!!

Giambattista Valli's SS10 collection showcased a great deal of the delightful animal print in the form of dresses, play suits and accessories.

Paul Smith even opted for leopard print shorts and we all know how much I LOVE shorts

At the moment there are tons of wonderful big cat pieces about, I particularly love these Sass and Bride leggings and Chole coat.

But being a lowly student I have to stick to the high street so I've opted for this tee and chinos that kinda look like hunter trousers.

Leopard tee and chinos from H&M
Loafers from Topshop

FYI these loafers are the most uncomfortable shoes ever! First time I wore them out shopping I had to buy a new pair of shoes my feet were in so much pain... As I sit here and type I have my big fat woolly duck socks on with the loafers to try stretch them out (fingers crossed it works)!!

My bow today consists of a lovely little brooch I found years ago in River Island...

Very cute and girly I think.

Not a leopard, but I always loved how Jasmine from Aladdin had a pet tiger x

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