Tuesday 25 May 2010

Clash of the Prints

Blumin' heck it's hot out! Perfect occasion for my H! by Henry Holland floral shorts and all the clashing of prints they can inspire!

Clashing is always popular come summer, I think it's down to all those colours, flowers, spots, stripes and otherwise crazy concoctions people are too depressed to wear during the colder months! I mean, floral shorts and stripes would seem ludicrous during December, Christmas jumpers excluded!

One of my favourite looks is Proenza Schouler SS/10

This reminds me of a grown up skater and the way we (by which I mean myself) dressed when we were 13 and into the whole grunge phase (in a lot less stylish manner). The prints shouldn't go together but they do in a mirage of summer fun but still with a hint of properness from the trailered shape. When I was younger it was all about colour and randomness i.e. I'll wear whatever the heck I want to and I don't care if I look stupid but now clashing is a much more sophisticated attitude whilst still allowing a carefree element.

Back to my shorts...

Shorts from H! by Henry Holland
Lace tee from Topshop
Sunglasses from H&M

Shorts this short are normally saved for holidays but London was so hot how could I possibly not wear them. Besides I hear temperatures are cooling so it'll be back to the not-so-bare-legs front for a while I imagine.

The conclusion of today's post is that I like to clash, nothing to risky yet but who knows what the summer will bring print wise x

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