Friday 28 May 2010

All Dressed Up

Today you get two outfits, one for the day time and one for my cinema trip... pathetic I know but us girls wanted to dress up for Carrie! Also my Topshop pumps arrived today which is super exciting because they are INCREDIBLE!

This is what I wore earlier in the day

Scallop crop top from ASOS
Trousers and pumps from Topshop

Truth be told, I didn't wear these pumps to my exam this morning (I wore the ones in the background - grey with pink hearts from Topshop) but when I go back these were waiting for me and I had to try them on! I suspect they will go with everything... who doesn't love a pink lipstick clad face?!

They are basically my alternative to the toe shoes by Comme des Garcons. Yes I know mine have a face and not toes, but whatever OK....

So I decided I wanted to wear a Carrie-esque outfit for the film. I had a few options...

The first outfit I had in mind consisted of a green satin finish high waisted Whistles skirt but I couldn't find an appropriate top. The second item was a black tutu with several layers but I wanted something more colourful. So I finally went with an electric blue silk dress and big pink flower brooch with an all important glittery head piece (complete with bow)! I know bows are more Charlotte's thing but you know me and bows.....

I don't own any stilettos, especially Manolos so I'm wearing my deadly suede wedges and to top it all off I have my very own Eiffel Tower clutch :-)

Dress, clutch and wedges from Topshop
Flower from a random shop in Derby
Bow hair band from River Island

Here is a close up of the bag and bow

Anyway, I'm sure you're all getting sick of my SATC2 posts so this will be the last one, I promise... until they bring out SATC3!!!

I hope the film and cosmos are worth the time I've spent on this outfit x

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