Tuesday 18 May 2010


I LOVE Gossip Girl, this is no secret, I am completely obsessed by the show and not afraid to admit it! Sadly, season 3 is over and I'm not sure how I'll cope before the next series starts (thanks goodness for satc2 in 2 weeks time)!!!

Apart from Chuck *drool* Blair Waldorf is probably one of my all time favourite TV characters. I love her humour, her style, her elaborate schemes, the way she looks down on everyone and the way she has inflicted fear upon the masses to never be crossed!! But more to the point she is a bow-spiration. Not sure what I'm talking about, well in series 1 and 2 of the show Blair was Queen Bee at school and would wear a hair band bow as a modern day crown.

Her bows always varied in size and shape and of course matched her outfit impeccably, what a true bow-spiration!

There are a few big bow bands around this season including this lovely leather gem from Miu Miu, however £100 on a hair accessory seems like an awful lots to me.

So here's a pic of me with my Blair style hairband that I was given by my friend A.

Topshop hairband
River Island bow tee

I'm back in Guildford now, which means I have access to my full wardrobe *grins* plus a new pair of ASOS shoes! I've also got on Vamp lipstick from the new Topshop make up range. It's much darker than colours I normally wear but I thought I'd give it a go and I really like the burgundy tone so thumbs up from me.

Time to revise but I'll leave you with a picture of the gorgeous, always brooding Ed Westwick AKA Chuck Bass......

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