Monday 17 May 2010


Leather shorts, what are they all about?!

I am a fan of the leather jacket, the dress (as long as it's not skin tight) and the trousers (if they style is right) but I am completely confused by leather shorts! They are everywhere this season and I just can't make my mind up, probably because my pasty English skin would just look cruel again them but maybe if I found the right ensemble I'd change my mind...

I am totally LOVING this punk rock ballerina look

The shoes are totally fierce and the ruffles on the top are incredible! Leather shorts not looking too bad either. This is another picture from the shot, no leather shorts but still a stunning look!

The dusty pink and leather look so good next to each other, maybe something to recreate? We shall see!

Other looks using the shorts from SS 2010 include utility from Chole

and chic and minimalist from Celine

This gothic look is an old 3.1 Phillip Lim from AW 2009/2010 but I love how the shorts look against the burgundy tights and prim jacket

So my opinion may have slightly changed but I think I need to try on some stuff first and see how it panes out. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow these £530 Helmut Lang beauties

But I have got my eyes on a pair from H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams and at only £25 what a bargain!!

Today I actually wore faux leather leggings I picked up from a closing down sale in Derby, teamed with my cream blazer that I'm wearing far too much this weekend (I'm at home with limited clothing)!!!

Random leather leggings
Republic cream blazer
Whistle long tee

And not forgetting my daily bow, in the form of a necklace from a shop I can't remember :-(

The jury is still out about leather shorts but if there are any developments I'll let you know x

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