Sunday 16 May 2010


So this afternoon I spent 4 HOURS in the hairdressers, I didn't even get it cut, just bleached! Crazy! This time last year I had it bleached and LOVED it but I stupidly dyed it pink for Glasto and then spent the summer growing it out! Earlier this year I had it bleached again at Rush (in Guildford - don't go there cos they're are shit) and because it was all au naturel I thought that end result would be perfect, sadly I was mistaken and the idiots have screwed it up!! Anyway, back to present day and its all been fixed :-) I was thinking of going lavender blonde but I like it without the purple but who knows what I'll do next time.

I did a before and after in a double denim bonanza

What I love about doing double denim is that I have plenty to chose from because denim is always in fashion! No need to buy anything new which is always great :-) I like the checked shirt because I think it breaks up the denim and check out my cute little bow tie necklace, I bought it in Topshop Oxford St many many moons ago.

Topshop denim shirt, checked shirt and jeggings
Office booties

I love my new hair colour so much, so icy and white, I think im going to get one of those Gaga bows x


  1. i really think it suits you han, wish i could get back to blonde! xxxx

  2. love your hair! x


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