Saturday 22 May 2010

Fun in the Sun

Yesterday was glorious but my first though was WHAT DO I WEAR? I slogged about in denim shorts and a khaki tee for the best part of the day but when my friends decided to have a BBQ I reassessed my outfit choice, which to be honest was pretty bad and opted for this big bow dress that I don't often wear (not sure why cos I love it)!!

Random dress (I cut the label out long ago cos it scratched my neck)
ASOS heels

It has a big sloppy bow at the front (perfect for my obsession) and has the casual/party vibe going on! Teamed with my new heels I was ready for sunshine action, despite my pasty legs...

The BBQ was good fun, lots of food and booze but today I'm not feeling so great and the amazing sunshine isn't helping much :-(

Might have a pyjama day x


  1. Cheers Bethy, I got it from that clothes shop in the atrium at uni long ago


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