Wednesday 2 November 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bluebird, Chelsea

The Bluebird in Chelsea is a restaurant I have fond memories of. It used to be one of my parents favourite places to eat out so we often frequented the place for special occasions. But it's been years since I was last there so whilst I remember having a good time I can't quite recall the details.

A few weeks ago I was invited to the relaunch to experience dinner from the new menu. As I said before I don't have the best memory of the food from my previous visits but I think it was a lot more refined dining then the menu now. I definitely think the refurbishment is meant to bring in a younger crowd, maybe something to do with Made in Chelsea. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but rather something to note if you've been before.

We started with a delightful vodka and gin Martini. Fresh, punchy and full of flavour I really enjoyed it. We even got to try our hand at making cocktails. We made the Chelsea Garden which is a Hendricks gin cocktail with elderflower, apple and pomegranate. Whilst it was fruity it wasn't overpoweringly sweet, again another tasty drink.

We were given a selection of starters to try. The burrata was incredible creamy and the tempura tiger prawns were done perfectly plus the aioli that came with them was truly delicious. I really enjoyed the crispy duck salad and the fried baby squid had a nice amount of spice. The queen scallops were tasty but I felt they were too small to really appreciate the delicate flavour of the shellfish which is a shame because I absolutely adore scallops normally.

For the main course we were allowed to choose whatever meal took our fancy. Steve and I immediately decided to share the 750g rib eye steak, cooked to our preference which is 'as rare as possible'. The meat was incredible, the steak literally melted in your mouth like butter and had a lovely intense flavour. I loved the romaine lettuce salad that came on the side. We also tried the mash and fries which were great. The mash was incredibly creamy with a nice hint of garlic whilst the fries where perfectly crisp.

Again were were given a selection of desserts. I really enjoyed the pineapple carpaccio, the crème brûlée and the chocolate mousse.

I really enjoyed our meal at The Bluebird but I definitely think the food is a bit more casual than it used to be. The atmosphere is great and definitely suited for a younger crowd with loud music and bright interiors. If you're after a fine dining experience this is not the place to go but if you're looking for a Chelsea institution with great tasting food and fun atmosphere then this is definitely the place to check out.

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  1. All these dishes look delicious! Thanks for putting this place on my radar once again, Hannah!

    - Elodie x


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