Sunday 6 November 2016

BRUNCH REVIEW: Oslo, Hackney

I spoken quite highly of Oslo, Hackney in the past. The music venue is one of my favourites in London and even though it's all the way in East London (I live in Wimbledon), it's location next to the station means it's reasonably accessible. When Oslo first opened I popped in for dinner before a gig one night. I remember having a decent burger and some very tasty chicken wings. I also remembered the menu having Scandinavian influences, as the name would suggest, but in what capacity I can't recall too well.

These days the menu is far from Nordic, but I'm hopeful that the quality is still there. I haven't been back for dinner since but having spotted their waffles on the internet I was keen to try brunch one day. During one of mine and Steve's North London holidays this summer we finally decided to catch the 38 bus from Angel to Hackney Central to pay Oslo a visit. I was set on having a fully loaded waffle whilst Steve just wanted to have whatever took his fancy on the day.

The waffle comes in a vegetarian or meat option. I went for the meat option (Nordic cure), because I'm, all about that bacon. The waffle itself was delicious; lightly, fluffy and perfectly made. It was packed high with ingredients including a chorizo sausage, smoked bacon, avocado, poached eggs, roasted peppers, halloumi, and homemade beans. For some reason mine also came with a bloody mushroom which I had to remove immediately. Apart from the chorizo sausage which was a bit intense for my liking everything else tasted lovely. However, and I've never said this before, it did feel like there was a little too much on the plate. When I say fully loaded I really am not exaggerating. You could barely see the waffle, and whilst I have no issue with mixing food, it did feel like it all got a little messy and unorganised. I enjoyed the waffle but I'm not sure it lived up to my expectations.

Steve ended up going for the eggs Benedict which consisted of crisp bacon on an English muffin with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. I didn't try this but he said it tasted great, it sure does look good.

If you're in Hackney then it's definitely worth popping in to try the brunch, the restaurant itself is lovely with a nice sense of Hygge. I don't think I'd make the trek all the way from Wimbledon just for brunch but it was nice to try something a little different.

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  1. This place is on my brunch list! x

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