Sunday 30 October 2016


I like Turkish food and I like rock n roll, so when I heard about Black Axe Mangal, a restaurant that combines the two I knew I had to visit. Situated near Highbury Corner, the self described avant-garde kebabs are cooked in a pizza oven, making the entire atmosphere of this restaurant an incredible unique experience.

We started with the lamb offal flatbread. The bread was incredible. Stretchy, fluffy and incredibly flavoursome, it would have tasted great without a single topping. The lamb offal was nice, the flavour was mild but the softness of the meat made this feel like a relatively bland dish, nevertheless I did enjoy it.

Our neighbours had ordered the squid ink and cod's roe flatbread, when we saw it we had to order one for ourselves. Hard to describe, this really was a wonderful dish, especially thanks to the runny egg yolk allowing the cod's roe and blend seamless with the quid ink bread.

I've developed a bit of a thing for sardines and tomatoes recently and this dish was simply wonderful. Again, the bread was the star feature but the perfectly cooked fish and deliciously sweet tomatoes helped give this dish a fresh, almost salad like vibe.

Simple but perfectly cooked, I loved the corn on the cob. The cod's roe butter gave it a unique taste.

When we realised how much bread everything had come with we started to feel a little silly for ordering a side of sesame bread. Once we tasted this we had no regrets, the bread was perfect!

Our final plate was my least favourite, the grilled ox heart, tongue and charred onions really didn't do much for me. It wasn't that they didn't taste nice, I just found this plate a little bland and unexciting compared to everything else we had eaten.

I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Black Axe Mangal and am looking forward to a subsequent visit. The place is most definitely unique and with an ever changing menu with the promise of incredible bread there will always be a reason for me wanting to return.

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  1. Don't think I've ever tried squid ink. Sounds and looks interesting though!

  2. Ooh, this looks like a great new spot - love Turkish food.

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