Friday 24 June 2016

FIVE FRIDAY: Best Mac n Cheese in London

Macaroni cheese is one of my favourite comfort foods. It sounds simple, cheese and pasta, but despite the few ingredients it can easily go wrong. I should know, I've tried so many sub standard plates of the stuff that I'm surprised chefs are still serving these rubbish incarnations when London boasts some incredible mac options.

So here's a list of where to find some of my favourite dishes.

1. Rita's Bar and Dining, Hackney

Might as well start with the best and there's not doubt about it. I've been raving about Rita's green chilli mac n cheese for years. It's creamy, cheesy and those little green chillies add a nice bit of heat without it being overpoweringly hot. I love the stuff and order it every time I visit. Last time I noticed the recipe had changed a bit and you know what, it was even better than previous versions.

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2. Spuntino, Soho

For a creamy, indulgent mac n cheese in central London there is no better place to go than Spuntino. From brainchild of British restaurateur Russell Norman (Polpo), this small bar-come-restaurant is situated just off Shaftesbury Avenue but the drab shop front means it's easy to walk straight past. The mac here is not for the faint of heart, it's thick, gooey and topped with crispy breadcrumbs. I love that the recipe incorporates leeks as well as a generous serving of mustard because you all know how much I love that condiment. This is everything you could possibly want from mac n cheese, if not more.

3. Anna Mae's Mac n Cheese, various locations

Anna Mae's is one of my all time favourite street food vendors. They've got a few different varieties but my favourite is the don macaroni which is their classic mac with added crispy bacon bits, basil oil and fresh basil. Whenever I see these guys at a food market it's the first thing I have to eat. The mac is quite creamy but not super heavy which means there's room to try more street food elsewhere. I bought their cookbook but have yet to cook anything yet but I am so looking forward to recreating some of my favourite recipes very soon.

4. Byron Burger, various locations

Every time I visit Byron I have to order a portion of their classic macaroni cheese. It's a simple recipe but in this situation less really is more as this side dish is perfect. The consistency isn't too saucy but it's anything but dry; the taste is creamy but sharp at the same time; and the portion size is just perfect i.e. you can finish it without the worry of falling into a mac n cheese coma. I am so glad they've included the recipe in their new cookbook as I'm looking forward to recreating this at home.

5. Pret, various locations

This entry may seem like a joke entry but I honestly think that the two mac n cheese options (bacon or kale) from Pret make an excellent alternative from a chicken sandwich at lunch time. There's a Pret on practically every street corner in London which means you're never too far from the quality serving of pasta and cheese. The mac n cheese is made from pasta and cauliflower which I guess is to make it slightly more nutritional. The portion is pretty substantial and is always served hot. It's saucy, tasty and by far the best takeaway mac n cheese I have tried.

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  1. Going to send this to Mummy Lipstick as she really wants to try mac n cheese! x

  2. I haven't had macaroni cheese since I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I miss it SO MUCH. Our local pub does it home made with a hint of mustard in it. AMAZING.


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