Tuesday 14 June 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rita's Bar and Dining Take Three

You must all know by now that Rita's Bar and Dining in Hackney is my favourite place to dine. I've been countless times and even blogged about it twice before (here and here). I just love their southern American meets Asian vibe that I keep going back for more. Thanks to an ever changing menu there's always plenty of new things to try but as I've no doubt mentioned before the devilled eggs and mac n cheese will always remain a stable food order.

Devilled eggs

Albondigas con queso

Burnt aubergine papaprdelle

Green chilli mac n cheese

Lamb ribs, harissa and brown butter yogurt

Crispy fried crushed potatoes

Oreo pie

As usual the food was perfect. The devilled eggs were moreish with just a hint of spice, truly scrumptious. The albondigas i.e. spicy Mexican beef meatballs were covered in sour cream and plenty of chillies. They tasted heavenly, quite rich and meaty but perfect for the cold winter evening we had visited on.

I've had the burnt aubergine pasta before and really enjoyed it. I'm hopeless at cooking aubergine at home but I love the smokey taste it gives off in middle eastern dish so combined with pasta this is a really luxurious dish. I'm not normally a huge fan of lamb however I do love lamb chops so this was a great combination of the Indian style spices you get on chops but combined with the fatty, meaty ribs.

As ever the mac n cheese remains my favourite in London thanks to it's incredibly creamy sauce and hint of spice, the crispy potatoes are perfect and the Oreo pie is my all time favourite dessert. Rita's you truly are my favourite restaurant!

On writing up this post I've just been checking out Rita's brunch menu and I know that is something I need to try ASAP.

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  1. Still haven't been to Rita's but the brunch menu looks amazing! x


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