Friday 10 April 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rita's Bar and Dining Take Two

Another weekend and another visit to my favourite restaurant in London, Rita's. I've already reviewed it once before but I love it so much I decided to do it again.

Devilled eggs whilst we pondered the menu, my favourite! Creamy, delicious, and with a slight hint of chilli.

A House Rita for me and a Sake Hi-Ball for Steve, nice. The House Rita is a tequila slushy with a massive kick.

The 3 chilli squid salad was lovely, very fresh and not to hot. The squid was cooked perfect and the plate remained light, a perfect starter.

The Sloppy Joe was amazing, so rich and delicious. This was a huge portion, especially as it same with Rita's perfect crispy potatoes.

The burnt aubergine parpadelle was lovely. The homemade pasta had a slight lemony twang to it and the aubergine had a distinctive burnt flavour without being bitter or overpowering. The tomato sauce was delicious.

I wish we were told the Sloppy Joe came with crispy potatoes as we wouldn't have bothered ordering these, alas, as usual they were completely delicious and perfectly crispy.

The mustard greens were heavenly, with a more buttery taste than mustard.

My favourite side, green chilli mac n cheese. I believe they've changed the recipe for this, and for the better I must add. The sauce was cheesier than usual and not as spicy, I didn't think I could love this even more than I already did.

Result, they had not run out of Oreo Pie this time and it was definitely worth the wait. The delicious Oreo cheesecake wasn't too rich but still completely moorish, I love this stuff!

Another excellent meal and worth the trek to Hackney from Wimbledon, I'm sure I'll be visiting again in a few months time.

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