Monday 23 May 2016


Last November I went to Paris for the day with my Mum. This is becoming a little tradition of ours; we hope on the Eurostar early, have a lovely lunch, check out a gallery or two, and then spend the rest of the day wandering around before catching the last train back to London.

I'd heard about Pirouette on a previous trip but never had the chance to visit so I made sure that this time around it was top of the list for lunch. I made a booking a month or so in advance and eagerly awaited our trip.

Pirouette is a lovely, modern bistro in the heart of Paris. It's around the corner from the Pompidou centre in the 3rd arrondissement. It's very light thanks to the large windows and fairly generous in size with a mezzanine level above the main area. The staff were very attentive and I very much appreciated the English menu.

There is an a la carte menu as well as a lunch special and tasting menu. Mum went for the lunch special which consisted of black risotto and prosciutto to start, followed by seabass. The food was heavenly and as we ate we noticed that many other people had ordered the same thing. For €20 this is a fantastic deal, especially when you consider the quality of ingredients and presentation of the restaurant.

I went for the Pirouette special which is basically your choice of three courses for €42. A little more expensive than the lunch deal but absolutely worth it.

I started with the poached egg, pumpkin, chorizo and celery salad which was wonderfully fresh and light. For my main dish I had the duck and kale which was rich, flavoursome and everything you could want from a French meal. I finished with a white chocolate tart which was indulgently delicious. I was in Paris so of course I'm ordering chocolate.

Mum ended up ordering the rice pudding with salad caramel, it was heavenly.

Our meal at Pirouette was wonderful, one of the best I've had in Paris actually. It wasn't cheap, especially as we accidentally ordered a €50 bottle of wine (it did taste amazing) but it was worth every penny. The food is classically French but with a modern twist. The ingredients are seasonal and used to create some stunning dishes. This would definitely be a special occasion spot for dinner but the lunch time deal means it's affordable and the perfect location for a casual yet indulgent lunch.

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  1. Wow, the lunch deal is amazingly good value - definitely bookmarking for my next trip to Paris!

  2. This looks incredible! I'm definitely going to pop by next time I'm in Paris!

    - Elodie x


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