Saturday 21 May 2016

BRUNCH REVIEW: Granger and Co

courgette fritters, fried halloumi, siyez and shreded kale salad, zhoug
sweet corn fritters, roast tomato, spinach and bacon

scrambled eggs and sourdough toast

Oops, I went for brunch again. Granger and Co in King's Cross was the setting for this week's brunch adventures, a place that's been on my list for ages but somehow never made the final cut. I joined Sarah and Michelle for a much needed catch up and whilst I don't think Granger and Co is going to make it into my favourite brunch locations list I'm definitely glad I gave it a whirl.

The restaurant itself is a lovely space; bright, airy with just a touch a class. I loved the pink marble table tops and the long, industrial bar. The food was great, I thoroughly enjoyed my courgette fritters which reminded me of onion bhajis. The kale and bulgar wheat salad was fresh and enjoyable, and the spicy yoghurt packed a fierce punch. The grilled halloumi was the perfect accompaniment to this middle eastern style, meat free dish.

I had a taste of Michelle's  sweetcorn fitters which were lovely and whilst I didn't try the scrambled eggs I thought they looked great.

We also shared a very nice fruit scone and chocolate chip cookie but alas I do not have a photo.

Whilst I really did love my meal I thought the rest of the menu lacked interest, especially compared to the other brunch spots I've frequented recently. London has an impressive brunch scene with many well established places. If want something traditional I'll hit the Wolsely, The Good Egg is be my choice for middle eastern style dishes and Foxlow is great for American style offerings therefore leaving Granger and Co a little left out. That being said I do recommend trying the courgette fritters and maybe with a menu change in the future I'll be venturing back one.

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  1. Ooooh those sweetcorn fritters seem to be calling my name.
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Glad all of these pictures worked out well

    My Sentimental Heart


    1. How do they get the scrambled eggs looking so perfect?! x


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