Friday 15 April 2016


I'm going to get to the point straight away, The Good Egg in Stoke Newington is my favourite breakfast spot in London!

I first discovered The Good Egg a couple of years ago when they had a brunch pop up at a cafe in Islington. Steve lived around the corner at the time which was perfect because we were only a few minutes away from baked eggs and breakfast burrittos. Unfortunately Steve and I moved to Wimbledon and The Good Egg team moved further north to open their first proper restaurant in Stoke Newington, but alas their brunch is so delicious I don't mind the trek to the literal other side of London to try it.

I've been to the restaurant 3 times since it opened at the end of last year. Once for brunch during the soft launch, one for dinner a week later and more recently for another brunch visit. Steve's parents live in Angel so when they're on holiday we like to stay at their house and have our own little North London holiday.

The menu hasn't changed much since the opening and the food is just as delicious with it's Jewish / middle Eastern influences akin to the likes on Honey & Co, Palomar and Ottolenghi. The only noticable change I saw was the lack of the Jerusalem Breakfast which featured as 'coming soon' on our first visit. But to be perfectly honest I'm mainly there for the baked eggs.

Cornbread slice

Iraqi Aubergine Pita

Montreal Smoked Meat Hash


My advice for tackling The Good Egg is to arrive hungry. If you can manage to share three dishes between two people you are in for an absolute treat. Taking advantage of the 50% off on our first visit that is exactly what we did.

We ordered cornbread as we mulled over the menu, it's freshly made and arrives on your plate with a golden yellow glow. It's a thick slice but still remains light and buttery plus the honeyed butter and green chilli dip have a delightful twang to them.

We ordered the Iraqi Aubergine Pita to share which is one of my favourite items on the menu (once I've poked out the cucumber). The pittas come fully loaded with roasted veg, pickles and semi-hard boiled eggs. They're huge in size and beyond delicious. Whilst they're already covered in tahini sauce I love to add more of the green chilli dip for a bit of heat.

The Montreal Smoked Meat Hash was Steve's choice and definitely has an NYC deli vibe to it with the house cured pastrami brisket with fried potatoes. The fried eggs on top supply the perfect dip.

My absolute favourite is the Shakshuka, which is baked eggs on top of tomato and peppers with a preserved lemon yoghurt. It comes with a freshly made challah roll and a choice of rare-breed merguez sausage or halloumi (apparently you can have both if you ask nicely but I prefer halloumi). This dish is heavenly and once you break the eggs everything combines to make a wonderful rich tomato based sauce. I saw the bread till the end to wipe up the tomato and eggs remains. This is comfort food at its absolute best.

Cornbread slice

Iraqi Aubergine Pita

Breakfast Burritto


On our second visit we had the same again except for swapping the Montreal Smoked Meat Hash with the Breakfast Burritto. Everything was just how I remembered it, delicious. The burritto is packed full with eggs, chorizo, sauteed potatoes, cheese, refried beans, guacamole and hot sauce - basically everything you could possible want from a Mexican style breakfast.

The Good Egg is amazing, it's my favourite place to grab lunch without a doubt. The menu is interesting and excellent value considering the size of the portions. You can make a reservation and there's even a brunch focused cocktail menu for those that really want to go all out at 11 am on a Sunday morning. Considering this place takes me the good part of an hour to reach is a testament to how much I love it so visit immediately as you will not regret it!

PS I like dinner here but breakfast is definitely the show stopping choice.

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  1. Oh wow, this place looks fantastic! I honestly don't venture into North London all that often but I think I definitely would to head to The Good Egg. Looks super delicious!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  2. the shashuksa looks amazing, and I want the breaky burrito!!

  3. This place is high on my list! x

  4. Killing it with the restaurants yet again Hannah!
    A Story of a Girl


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