Wednesday 25 May 2016


Bacon and cheese burger

Dip & Flip with roast beef burger

Cheese burger

There's not a great deal of non-highstreet chain restaurant options in Wimbledon so you bet was I delight when Dip & Flip opened last year. They're fast becoming a South West London burger joint favourite and when I visited the Clapham Junction branch I really enjoyed their messy burgers so the thought of having one open across the road from my flat made me start to appreciate Wimbledon a little more.

Dip & Flip is famous for their French dip gravy burgers. Grab your burger, dip it into a hot plate of gravy and enjoy. My favourite is the Dip & Flip, a beef burger topped with cheese and a slice of roast beef. It's messy as hell but oh so delicious. The burgers are meaty, cooked exactly how you want them (medium rare please) and hold together surprisingly well despite the mess. Everything comes with a side of mouthwatering delicious gravy and they even do poutine for those that like gravy on their fries.

All in all Dip & Flip is a great place to enjoy a hearty burger. Great quality, great taste and great value.

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