Tuesday 3 May 2016


Salmon tiradito, beetroot, avocado
House sea bass and samphire ceviche

Sea bream ceviche, grapes, fennel
A Peruvian version of ‘fish and chips’. Crispy fillets of Cornish lemon sole, ají amarillo tartare and herbed potato chips
Galician beef patty, pork belly chicharrón, ají rocoto ketchup, ají amarillo mustard and salsa criolla in a cream bun
Sweet potato waffle with Peruvian fried chicken, yacon and aji sauce

Aubergine, smoked yoghurt, pecans
Another brunch review can you believe it? But I really did mean it when I said this is my favourite type of meal at the moment. I met up with Lauren and Sophie a few weeks ago for a much needed catch up. We spent a wonderful couple of hours gossiping over great food and potent cocktails and to make matters even better the bill was 50% off as we'd been visiting during the soft launch of the new brunch menu.

I'd been to Pachamama once before about a year and a half ago when they first opened (hello 50% off again - do you sense a theme?) and I absolutely loved the Peruvian cuisine so I was excited to see what brunch was like.

The menu works well if you want to have one dish each or if you want to share. We ordered all three ceviche dishes and a few larger plates to share. That way we were able to try more of the menu. Plus with 50% off you can definitely splurge a bit.

I love the sour and citrus taste you get from ceviche and the house sea bass and samphire was definitely my favourite. The crunchy corn worked so well with the soft sea bass and the samphire gave it a wonderful twang. I definitely recommend ordering one of these to go along side your main dish as it's such a fresh way to start a meal, plus the lime juice really does perk you up.

The sweet potato waffle and fried chicken was heavenly and whilst I don't think the dish tasted particularly Peruvian it was still delicious. The chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside and the waffle has a nice fluffy texture, no doubt from the sweet potato. This was definitely my favourite dish.

The beef and pork burger was indulgent and mouth watering good. It's rich and and a little messy but absolutely divine. Everything about it was perfect from the excellent tasting meat to the delicious sauce, oozing cheese and secure bun.

I didn't try the fish but Lauren assures me it was excellent and much like a posh fish and chips. We also order the aubergine side which was very middle eastern in taste. Silky meaty veg, crispy breadcrumbs on top and absolute heaven to eat.

Brunch at Pachamama was wonderful but I'm glad we were able to enjoy 50% off as the bill could get pricey. That being said the quality of food and service in this well put together restaurant is definitely reflected in the price and I would have happily paid the full amount for this meal. There's a great cocktail list with mainly pisco based drinks and the waiters couldn't be more attentive so if you're after brunch with a difference then Pachamama is definitely worth trying out.

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  1. YUM! I already love ceviche but I've never tried anything else. This definitely made me want to.

    - Elodie x



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