Thursday 5 May 2016


How could you not love afternoon tea inside a Wes Anderson themed dream cloud? That's exactly what Sketch is, a pink paradise serving whimsical food in a spectacularly magical setting. And don't even let me get started on the space pod toilets.

As afternoon tea locations go this one is pretty special. Not only is the venue luxuriously with it's pink, velvety, scallop shaped chairs but the food is inventive, delicious and has heaps of character. The crockery reminds me of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and the delicate finger food looks too good to eat, 'almost'. David Shrigley sketches adorn the walls making you feel like you're part of an exhibition, especially when the food arrives. I adored the chicken coronation sandwiches and the cheese melt literally melted in the mouth. The egg mayo sandwiches looked like they'd jumped out of a Haribo packet and the little salmon triangles were turly scrumptious.

The cakes were perfect little treasures; passion fruit tartlet to lemon and raspberry cake, pistachio choux, cassis cheesecake, tangy citrus meringue, and chocolate and mint g√Ęteau. The scones were perfectly baked and the little pots of marshmallows were a fun extra. The choice of tea is impressive and there's plenty of varieties to suit everyone's needs.

Afternoon tea isn't cheap, at £45 per person it's definitely the most expensive I've tried but the food is refillable (if you ask nicely) and the choice and quality of the ingredients used is unrivalled. As I said this is a special occasion sort of place and you'll come out with a Cheshire cat sized grin on your face as the entire experience really is that much fun.

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  1. I love that there are interesting savoury options- I hate boring sandwiches.

  2. This looks amazing, definitely one I want to try!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ah the chicken coronation! x


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