Wednesday 15 April 2015


Mama's Pisco

Continuing with my theme of Peruvian restaurants this week I wanted to do a quick post on Pachamama. I went to the soft launch last year and even though my pictures are pretty shoddy I wanted to include for them for the sake of completion.

What I remember from this meal was that it was delicious and that I 100% want to return, I've been to a few Peruvian places in London and this is definitely one of my favourites.

Crispy duck

Sea bass ceviche

Squid and prawn ceviche

Peanuts and purple tomatos

Flamed octopus

Crispy lamb belly

Gloucester Old Spot Ribs (I remember these being amazing)

Veal heart

Chocolate fondant

Pumpkin cake

This is why I love a Peruvian restaurant soft launch, without 50% off, the bill would be ridiculous. Saying that, the food at Pachamama is definitely worth the price, this meal was simply delicious.

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  1. The ceviche looks so good! I've not been to any Peruvian restaurants - definitely need to! x


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