Monday 13 April 2015

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lima Floral, Brunch

I really enjoy Peruvian cuisine; lots of fresh fish, grilled meats and interesting vegetables. It's becoming more and more popular in London and there are a ton of brilliant restaurants where you can sample its many delights. The only issue is that it can be quite expensive, especially as a lot of Peruvian restaurants are fond of small, sharing plates and we all know how the price of those add up! 

Lima Floral is the sister restaurant to Michelin starred Lima and thus a 'slightly' cheaper alternative. When I found out Lima Floral were offering a weekend brunch menu for £30 a head I thought it would be a great way to sample the restaurant without paying a ridiculous bill.

We started with a smoothie each, very nice they were but you know, it's just a smoothie.

Whilst the rest of the starters were on sharing plates we were given our own bowl of ceviche each which was full of fresh seam bream and a sour, tangy marinade. I love ceviche, I love the stark contrast in the soft fish and pungent, citrus marinade. I love the corn kernels and the sweet potato was very crisp making the whole dish a sensation of different textures.

The tuna tiradito was lovely, so fresh and moorish with a wonderfully tasty sauce. I really didn't want to share this plate.

The huancaina beef was an interesting dish with a contrast in flavour thanks to the tender beef, slightly salty popcorn and mild cheese sauce.

We were each given a dumpling as the final starter instalment. These were terrifically succulent and really meaty. The Chinese style dipping sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

For main course you choose one plate each so we went for the beef and chicken. The beef lomo was delicious, so succulent with a slightly sweet / Asian taste. It was a shame there wasn't more meat as we only had about two small pieces each.

The chicken pachamama was cooked perfectly and compared to the beef, quite a generous portion. My only issue is that it didn't come with anything so the plate so looked a little bland, even though the taste suggests otherwise. Where's the cuzco corn the menu mentions?

The roasted quiona and potatoes were my favourite side, absolutely delicious.

The vegetable and asparagus were very nice, I don't have much to say about these to be honest.

The menu states kale but on reflection I don't think we ever received any. Do you see kale in my photos?

The dessert was just OK, the coffee ice cream wasn't really my thing, either was the dried fruit. However, the alfajores were simply delicious.

Overall this was a nice meal but I did not love it, on retrospect I probably should have just had a normal lunch at Lima Floral instead of opting for a set menu style meal. I'm not put of the restaurant in the slightest but I am keen to try Lima so watch this space.

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  1. Lima is on my list so keen to read your next review!

  2. This is on my list but I'm not a fan of set menus - too damn fussy! x


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