Thursday 28 February 2013

#100London - February Update

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Can't believe how quickly this month has gone by, I'm off to Paris tomorrow and before I know it it'll be the middle of March and I'll be travelling around Norway for 2 and a bit glorious (but cold) weeks. I can't even remember off the top of my head which museums I've visited this month, not because I did so many but because the beginning of the month feels like such a long time ago which doesn't really make sense as I thought this month had gone by quickly but alas I digress.

I started the month of really well by visiting a bunch of museum in the Bloomsbury area including the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology, the UCL Petrie Museum of Egyptian Architecture and the SOAS Brunei Gallery. I even made it to the Wellcome Collection to see the Death exhibition on the same day as well! All 4 places were really interesting, especially the first 3 which I've never visited before. I particularly like the jars of dead animals in the Grant Museum, creepy but fascinating. The Death exhibition is unfortunately over now which is a shame as it was really enjoyable. It's not at all morbid but really gets you thinking about the role death plays in different cultures and how it has such an impact on the lives of many people.

After a few lazy weeks I made it to the Natural History Museum to catch the Wildlife Photography and Extinction exhibitions. The Wildlife Photography exhibition is a must see but it finishes this weekend so if you can make it I'd definitely recommend popping along, some of the photos on display are amazing. I wasn't too impressed with the Extinction exhibition overall, there really isn't much in terms of objects to look at and the information of display is really aimed at children. On the same day I popped over to Leighton House Museum which is another new place to me. It's the home of the famous artist Frederic Leighton and is a really beautiful building filled with a mix of original and replica works of art. A lot of the artwork is from the renaissance era which isn't really my cup of tea but because I managed to catch the 3pm free tour I learnt a lot about the different painting and how the house came to be such a treasure trove of art. The museum is free to Art Fund members so if you're ever in the Kensington area and have a spare hour I would definitely recommend visiting.

Last Friday I popped over to the Royal Academy of Art to catch the Manet exhibition. I love Manet and the impressionist era but the exhibition was missing the wow factor, it's on until 14th April so if you are a fan you have a little while left to visit.

So that was 7 museums visited this month bring my total count to 12 out of 100. I'm really behind target and I know for sure I won't be able to catch up during March as I'm away for half of it but once it gets warmer I will venture out more for sure.

What museums have you been to this month x

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  1. Arrr I'm so jealous and excited for you to go to Paris! Good luck
    Love this post- I want to visit f poo r museums ext and this is inspiring me.
    100% going to.the zoology and natural history expositions for this month "date day"

  2. Seven in a month is still a lot! I went to the Wellcome Collection and am seeing the Manet exhibition in March. The UCL museums have been on my to-do list for ages. x


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