Thursday 3 January 2013

The Shopperholic Bag




Shopperholic bag c/o Mustard
Earrings c/o Pilgrim
Jumper from Primark
Jeans from River Island
Creepers from Underground via ASOS

Being environmentally friendly is something I try to practice daily and because of this I have ended up with an enormous collection of totes bags. What's so great about tote bags I hear you ask? Well, because plastic bags take forever to decompose they are a terrible source of pollution and I hate using them. Instead I like to carry around a tote bag with my at all time so if I buy something whilst out and about I can put it in a reusable bag rather than taking a new plastic bag that's just going to sit around in a landfill site doing the environment no favours! Can you tell I work as an environmental scientist?

Most of my totes bags are made from cotton which means they stain easily so aren't great for carrying around food and drink. I bought a lot of them at bookshops and museums and whilst I do love their designs they aren't practically 'stylish'. The thing I love about this shopperholic bag from Mustard is that the design and shape reminds me of a Mulberry Alexa i.e. my favourite handbag ever! It looks great and is easy to keep clean plus it folds away into a cute little pouch making it easy to store in your handbag. I would much rather be walking around with this cute reusable bag on my arm after a shopping trip rather than an horrible carrier bag that's probably going to rip on your journey home causing your eggs, milk and nail varnish to spill all over the street. At £4.98 this bag is a steal and the perfect addition to your every day handbag.

Do you use tote bags on a regular basis x

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  1. I love tote bags although I never remember to take them with me when I go food shopping! x

  2. I love tote bags! I'm constantly buying them and had a few as goody bags and use them like my handbag (ie the beautiful skull one I received from the look show and my primark "I have a clutch bag with me how am I to carry all this home" tote) . I would like to say I take them shopping but I always forget (but this post had reminded me to fold one up now) but I also don't use plastic . I just put them in my handbag so (especially fruit or smelly cosmetics) make everything smell good :)

  3. I have bloody hundres of these - they're perfect for when I go to bootsales! Carry a whole manor of junk. Must remember to take them with me when I go shopping - I get through too many plastic bags. Sorry!

  4. I have lots of tote bags too, this design is really cute :)
    Rachelle x

  5. Love the bag! I always carry a fold away with me as I find a lot of the brown bags (mostly Primark!) can't handle my shopping adventures and rip to smithereens by the time I make it home!

    Jen xx

  6. Love this bag, so much nicer than your usual bags for life!

    Maria xxx


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