Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had fun celebrating last night? I went to Kaff Bar in Brixton with a few friends to see the new year in and had a great time. There were free cocktails and champagne, a David Bowie tribute act (photo on the right), 3 burlesque acts and some great songs for dancing to. Before heading out I fell down a couple steps at my friends house and now my ankle is turning black, I'm actually surprised I was able to dance at all last night and by the time I was heading home I had to almost crawl from the bus stop I was in so much pain. Despite that I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the celebrations. The last couple of years have been really low key for me so it was great to be out dancing this time round.

So with 2013 already a day in it's time to set some resolutions and all that jazz. One thing I really want to concentrate on this year is blogging more. Since starting a full time job over a year and a half ago it's been really hard blogging regularly but I'm determined to do better than my current a couple times a month effort. I actually started a travel blog and burger blog the other day which is crazy as I barely have time to keep this one afloat but blogging is something I love and it's had a massive impact on my life so I definitely want to keep it up!

I also want to run more in 2013 and really make an improvement in my training. I've already signed up to a few half marathons but now that I've gone and messed up my ankle I'm a little worries about how this might affect my plans.

2012 was a good year for me, I did a lot of travelling and became a bit of a foodie in particular burger lover. I want to travel more and sample more of London's many restaurants but I also want to manage my money a little bit and work harder at saving so it's all about balance. I have a few trips planned this year, Paris, Berlin, Norway, New York and a Copenhagen to Stockholm adventure which I am extremely excited about, travelling really is my biggest passion!

With all that being said I want 2013 to be a fun year where I try new things, learn a couple of new skills (I fancy learning how to play the ukulele) and enjoy time with my family and friends.

What will 2013 bring to you x

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  1. Your night sounds lovely! Good luck with your training, and I hope your ankle is better soon! xo

  2. Replies
    1. about time really, had so many burger in the last year I need to review them properly

  3. oh my God I want to travel with you! I hope your 2013 is a vast improvement to Jan 1st (ouch) but sounds like you had an amazing evening- can never ho wrong with a bit of bowie x

  4. 2013 will be more dream team dates fo sho! Hope your ankle gets better soon xxxx

  5. Hope the ankle gets better soon. I definitely want to try more restaurants and types of food in 2013 but also want to try to save more money for travelling - dilemma! x

  6. Happy new year! Hope your ankle feels better soon :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Mainly I can't believe you got the bus home!!
    Hope the ankle is better soon, poor you

    1. Ha I am way too tight to get taxi's home especially in NYE. It's only a 10min walk home from the bus stop usually

  8. Same here about blogging more regularly! I often find it difficult to come up with ideas as of late and having the time to photograph outfits or what have you before the sun winds down for the day. Happy new year also!


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